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How Do You Motivate Your Staff

Linda Mbonambi writes:\"
I am researching on staff recognition to other insitutions. I want to find out how do they do it, and what kind of rewards do they give to their staff and what criteria do they use to recognise a staff member in a library setting. We as staff recognition team would like to apply some methods to our staff as a way of motivating them.\"

eMail her and let her know how you do it.


Science Libraries

Fele Lay

I am majoring engineering and I want to enter a
university that has an excellent science library.

Now I go to New york public library-science and
industrial and business
library to search books and journals. I do not know
whether it can be
compared with the best science libraies in universities.

Does anyone know of any Library Rankings for
Science Libraries?Or can anyone suggest a good
science library?


What are you looking for?

I was doing some house cleaning and thought I\'d share some interesting search terms people have entered on, some are strange, some are funny. Judge For Yourself:

microsatellite dna
macintosh computer
"Do you have sex"
chocolate chip cookies
worlds rainforests
Fiber Optics
vehicle maintenance
Natural resources of Texas
Arrowhead Trail Accomidations camping
church of Satan
oxygen atom
big six
monster of shark
eyes de la quimica
Little Black Sambo
drew carey
pictures of the human heart
obsessive compulsive disorder
my brother sam is dead
Dentistry|Web site
soil salinization
marine bacteria
Bye, bye bacteria
The Executive Producer
are not are too


Measuring electronic resource use and the network

Marcia Geyer writes \"I am seeking information (and willing to share what I receive so we\'ll all be better aware). The subject of my inquiry is, what are other academic libraries or the university I.T. staffs that support them doing to measure utilization of their local LAN and licensed gateway resources? I\'d like to establish contact with anyone who is doing measurement of either the information resources being used or the server and library\'s network resources being \"spent\" to support the information retrieval through the library -- even better, any attempts to correlate information access and resources used to facilitate it.

Read on for the details...


Spanish language access to library materials

Prudence Cendoma Writes:

At the beginning of August,
I posted to several library listservs requesting data for
my research on
Spanish subject access to information. Unfortunately, I
have not been able to collect enough data from the 36
responses I received. However, the information I have
gathered so far is leading me
into some interesting territory, and I would like to
continue my research. I
thought perhaps if I posted some preliminary findings
and brief background
information it would generate more interest in my
research project.

You can read on for more
details, or go directly to the online survey at:


Recommend a Library School

jetirrell writes \"I am planning on becoming a school librarian. What are your recommendations on university graduate programs that are respected by the librarian community. I am in the LA area and I am looking at UCLA, but I am willing to move in order to enroll in a solid program. Thank you for your help. \"

Can we trust rankings from places like US News who Ranks University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, and University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill as tied for #1? (My school, SUNY–Buffalo, is ranked #18)


What has Harry Done for you?

Ruth writes:\"I am wondering if other libraries
(both public and academic) have seen the same
increase in overall usage we have seen. It seems like
since \"The Goblet of Fire\" came out every
library in our system has seen a significant jump in
usage, both adult and childrens. Are other systems
seeing this same phenomenon?\"

Harry did wonders for, is he doing the
same for libraries?Could this be his true magical


What search engine(s) do you use?

Someone wrote in with this:\"I am very curious
to learn what librarians use for search engine at work.
We have new access to internet here and I want to
know what is best, please.

I suppose as
librarians we should know what is best? What do you
use and why?


Backend View of

A while back Rory did a little

on server side stuff, logs, etc...
Something happened recently and got me thinking
about this, and I thought I would do the same. For those
of you who don\'t know, most web servers allow the
folks that run them to keep track of what\'s going on and
how busy things are. It\'s interesting for me to poke
through the logs and see how people are finding the
site, and what they are looking at, and junk like that. So
read on to learn more about some of the inner
workings here at


Accredited web design?

David writes \"At the CLA last week I was asked, very earnestly, by a librarian, if I was aware of a web-design course that was offered by distance from an ALA accredited school. When I suggested that her local community college would offer very good courses in that field, she demurred and indicated that a \"professional\" course was important to her.

So, does anybody know of a distance-available web course from an ALA accredited school? \"



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