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What Degrees Do Directors Hold?

Adam wrote: \"I too was recently laid off from a
corporate position
I did web work and now find myself working in a
traditional library setting again.
Anyway, I read the MBA poll.

I am considering entering the Professional MBA
program here my University (one of the perks of this
academic setting is a free tuition) and was curious how
many directors of large libraries actually
have their MBAs and library degrees? What degrees
do directors hold?\"

I\'ve worked for MLS\'s personally, but with more and
more libraries being run as businesses (for better or
worse), are there more MBA\'s in charge now?


Ask The Bookshare Folks

The fine folks from Bookshare have agreed to an LISNews interview. Share is a service that helps Stanford students coordinate sharing their books, movies, and music across campus.

Seems like a nifty idea, which may or may not be Reinventing the Wheel, but I\'d like to see what kinds of questions the LISNews audience has for them.
This is the first interview we\'ve run in awhile, so I\'ll expalin how it works. I gather your questions, and send them along, the answers come back, and I post a new story, with the questions and answers.

SO if you have questions, ideas or comments on BookShare, you can email them to me[], or use the Contact Us form, or just post them below. I\'ll send the question collection along to BookShare on Friday, and post the answers as soon as I get them.


How To Set Up A Workshop??

Ira Bhargava writes: \"This is to introduce myself as a medical librarian employed with Institute
of Nursing in Dubai, UAE, which is in middle east. I have more than 16 years
of experience behind me as a school/medical librarian.

Recently I have been requested by a local group of schools to organize a
workshop on school libraries.I would like to cover the following 3 main

1. How to organise an effective school library
2. How to instill reading habits in children
3. How to go about computerising/networking school libraries belonging to one group of entrepreneurs.

So what do you think? How does one find suitable materials to use in a conference... Post your answers below.


What of Childrens Library Cards

The great and mysterious Ender writes :\"I was watching
Hearts in Atlantis, and it appears they used
to have children\'s/adult\'s library cards. What ever
happened to this
neat ability? It was apparently not limited by age, but
minors had to get parent\'s permission. Which puts parents
in control of which class
of books their kids could check out (but the kids could
probably read
anything *at* the library).

Seems like this would be a great help, instead of banning
books, parents could choose when and how to give access to


Looking For Latino Librarians

Julio Santillán Aldana is looking to contact Spanish speaking Latino Librarians here in the States and elsewhere.

He runs a little magazine down in Peru called Bilbios.

Check it out, you can also reach him by email at:
[email protected]


Shopfront libraries?

Desley writes in from always sunny Australia: \"I would like to know if anyone on the site has any information on \'Shopfront libraries\' that is libraries in shopping centres, you call them malls over there. All information, comments etc would be appreciated as we are looking at changing the location of ours as the area has developed away from this site.\"

Email her at :


Wanted urgently: WAP sites for Librarians

Godfrey Oswald writes: \"Hello

Due to the massive response I have received around the world for WAP sites for
inclusion in the Info Connect Directory, I have decided to provide links here
to a selection of reference WAP sites of interest to librarians that have been
sent in.

The full list of all WAP sites will be available with the launch of the Info
Connect LIS Directory WAP version (based on WML).

The current list of reference WAP sites for librarians is at:

When you get to this link, scroll down till you get to \"WAP sites for

Please help me by e-mailing more WAP sites.


Godfrey Oswald.

Godfrey Oswald MSc.
information scientist and author.
London. \"


Advice on Filters

Skip Auld writes:
\"Is anyone aware
of tests of an Internet filter called \"American Family Online,\" a product
created by a subsidiary of the American Family Association
( It\'s been called an \"effective, low-cost filtering
program ... available for $1-2 per month per computer when used by government
customers.\" Please contact Skip Auld, Assistant Director at Chesterfield County
(Va.) Public Library ([email protected]) with any information\"

Now that it\'s law to use filters, what are you using?


Attention Library School Students!!!

Hey everyone!! I was wondering if my fellow library school students can help me out. I am in the midst of putting together some data for my Master\'s thesis on methods that library school students use to keep up to date in the field. I have put a questionnaire online ( It takes a few minutes to fill out and would a great help to me. Please, students enrolled in library school only. Thanks. Steven M. Cohen.


What is the current usage for the librarian in charge?

Someone writes \"A librarian the other day told me they were a master librarian. I have looked around the library web pages and found titles for the librarians that have the overall responsibility of a particular library, go by general titles as chief librarian, head librarian, university librarian,campus librarian. Since library functions are always changing, I have two questions. Is there a general title as master labrarian and what are current titles for the librarian with the most responsibility at any library?

Yes, I do not work in a library. \"

I\'d say Library Director sounds about right, but maybe there are others? I\'ve never hear of Master Librarian, but it sounds pretty cool!



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