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Which library has the best web page?

nbruce writes "I go crazy looking at library web pages. The number one mistake, in my opinion, is believing everyone knows where it is--state, city, street. The second is overwhelming ugliness, and third is a layout that looks like a committee of 3rd graders designed it.

I like handsome and readable--like Syracuse University Library. There is a web-site that tells all you need to know at a glance with easy clicks to the details.

I won't even comment on Ohio State, and just hope Blake didn't design it!"

Let's just say Blake had a part in the design-by-committee, but he still rather likes it.


Library Envy?

mdoneil writes "I was just wondering if other librarians have 'library envy' like I do. Do you go to other libraries to see what they have? I do. I have been to libraries in every city to which I have travelled except London. ( I arrived in London on 9/11/2002 @ 6:20AM !, no time to visit the library I had to make train reservations as all connecting flights were stopped).

I have seen libraries in Dublin, ( I did some undergrad work @ Trinity - the Jedi archives ) and many other Irish cities, Madrid, Mexico D.F. and many other Mexican cities, Paris, Iran, Portugal, Belgium, the Vatican, and a bunch of libraries in the States.

Do other people do this too. I hope so. I have decided to use my free time to organize library tours. I think of a reciprocal borrowing type of thing. Librarians from other countries can come to the States to see how we do things, and we can go to other countries to see what they do.

Insofar as I have a few contacts I think I might be able to get the ball rolling. I have some friends at a tour agency in Ireland, and I have some relatives in the religious biz who may have a wee bit of pull at the Vatican libraries. I think a couple of trips to Europe can be arranged.
Bearing in mind that librarians are poor, how does this idea sound?
Would anyone here go on a trip? I am thinking 2K inclusive (air and hotel and a few meals) from an Eastcoast gateway (NYC, ATL, MIA). Other trips such as Iran would of course cost more but they are really interesting. Iranian libraries were fantastic and the librarians really open and helpful.

Let me know your feelings."


What is a white male Republican to do?

mdoneil writes "Since graduation with my MLIS I cannot find a full time well paid position. Sure I can find some part time gigs and contract positions but well paid(at least by librarian standards) full time positions are hard to come by in Florida. I have also applied in other areas of the country but I seldom hear back other than we have hired someone else.

I have the education, an MLIS and a 2nd MS (and an MBA for that matter) and pretty good undergrad education. My resume only has 3 positions from 1985-2003, and my library experience is either part time or short term since then. I thought an internship/residency/fellowship would be a good thing to build both my skills and experience. The ARL internship webpage is really biased against white men. ( I thought white, heterosexual, Republican, men were under-represented in the library profession.

If librarians are supposed to be color blind why would it matter to any instution if I were an Indian, or Asian, or Black, or any other ethinic group. I have worked in professions that are mostly white males, and they did indeed have better remuneration, but I want to be a librarian. Why should I be penalized because I don't want to be a Chemist or business executive?"

What reference books do you think are indispensible?

Here's an interesting question we received today:

"What reference books do you think are indispensible to a
public library? Ie: if you were starting up a library for a community
from scratch, and had several thousand to order your core set of books - what things (err, books) would you get (assuming nothing was ever out of print, etc)"


Name That Tune: K-k-k-katie From K-k-kansas City

I'm trying to find a song for my wedding. The chorus goes something like this:

"K-k-k-katie From K-k-kansas City, you're the only girl for me..."

I don't need a copy of the song, but rather the real title and artist, and maybe an album name?
All I know is it's an old song, maybe from the 30's or 40's?

Update: 10/23 16:41 EST by B:We have a winner! It's "K-K-K-Katy" composed by Geoffrey O'Hara in 1918. Thanks all!


Ask Slashdot: Is the Internet Your Source of Knowledge?

Here's A Really Neat "Ask Slashdot" feature on how much we rely on the good 'ol Net for our daily dose of news and knowledge.
I've gradually abandoned almost all other sources of news, to the point where TV, magazines and news papers have pretty much disappeared from my life, but unlike the Slashdot guy, I still get a fair amount of "Information" from books.
He's got a good question, and there are some really Good Answers at Slahsdot, but I'm curious about the LISNewsterz... "Is the Internet Your Source of Knowledge?"

From his post:

"...but if I'm trying to look up something and can't find it online in a couple minutes I generally just blow it off, as if there's no other place to look. This realization seems sort of stunning. I'm very curious if other Slashdot readers have become dependent on the Internet to that level, and what their thoughts are on the subject." "


Electronic Databases and Google: How do we promote quality?

Anonymous Patron writes "With libraries paying more and more each year in subscription fees for on-line databases, what are librarians doing to drive traffic to these resources rather than to Google and the web? Even more pressing, what are you doing to accomplish this when at least one of the major database vendors (Gale) is now including a direct link to Google in its major periodical databases? (No link, but go check out the search results of any Infotrac database.)"


Is the role of the librarian becoming obsolete

Michelle Oesterman: "I am a brand new student to the LIU Palmer School MLS program. My intentions
are to become either a school media specialist or a childrens librarian but
I have one major concern. Is the role of the librarian becoming obsolete
due to the internet and other forms of new technology? It will take me a
couple of years and a fair bit of $ to complete this degree and I hope there
will be jobs available! Any thoughts??"

Answers below, or email her: mfmoran1972 at


If my life was a game of Jeopardy! my seven dream categories would be...

I was just re-reading a bit of Microserfs, and trying to figure out what my seven dream categories would be, and I wondered....

If your life was a game of Jeopardy! what would your seven dream categories would be?


What do librarians think about Laura Bush?

I was just contacted by a reporter working on an article about Laura Bush with a simple question:
What do librarians think about Laura Bush?

I’m not sure what we librarians think about her. Can anyone share some thoughts, or point me to an article I may have missed that might help me answer her.



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