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Cafes, Food Service in Libraries: Take the Survey


Primary Research Group (, publisher of research reports and surveys about libraries and the information industry, is conducting a survey of library cafes and other library food service practices of public, academic, special and other libraries.

Survey participants receive a free PDF copy of the report generated from the survey data. Participant institutions are listed but data is confidential. To take the survey follow this link .

Just How Many Libraries Have Closed? Ask LISNews

Following up on comments on a recent story, I'd like to ask the LISNews community: Are there any credible published reports of the number of US library closures in the past year/two years/five years, etc? Also welcome are findings for other countries.

  • Do you--does anyone--have any actual data on actual library system closings? Not branches, not temporary shutdowns, but public libraries that actually disappear--or, let's say, shut down for at least three years?

    Has it been 1% over the last 10 years? 0.5%? 0.1%?

    Have there been more public libraries (again, not branches--those are inherently more temporary) closed or opened over the last decade?

  • Please contribute your findings and attribution in a comment below, thanks.


    Library Consultants and Social Networking

    I originally posted this on my blog <a href="">Bill the Librarian</a> and on Google Plus as well as Facebook and Twitter.<p> In an effort to build up my own consulting, I have been contacting companies and individuals that do library consulting. I have heard from many people in this effort. I am trying to find those that participate in and also consult with libraries in the use of social networking and social media.

    Nancy Pearl to Write "Check It Out" Column for PW

    Award-winning author and NPR commentator Nancy Pearl will begin writing a new monthly library-themed column for Publishers Weekly called “Check It Out” later this month. The first column will run in the May 30 issue of PW, the magazine's pre-ALA issue, as well as online at Publishers Weekly.

    PW is now actively soliciting questions and comments for the “Check It Out” with Nancy Pearl column. “If you care about libraries, if you care about books, we want to hear to hear from you” said PW features editor Andrew Richard Albanese. Questions, comments and ideas may be sent via e-mail to [email protected] or by regular mail to “Check It Out” with Nancy Pearl, Publishers Weekly, 71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1608, New York, NY 10010.

    Sounding Off

    The Air Staff at Erie Looking Productions invites readers and listeners to call in their reactions to two recent posts floating around in the realm of the Internet. The first is a post to LISNews talking about CNET Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley's view of libraries. The second is a post at National Review Online's The Corner where Christian Schneider takes a fairly dim view of modern public libraries in the United States. The voicemail inbox is powered by Google Voice so clicking the widget below will facilitate easy access: You can also call 702-714-0397 from your own phone. The deadline for receiving voicemails in reaction to either or both of those posts is Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 01:00:00 UTC/Zulu. Clicking on the date/time mention will bring up a converter to place such in your local time context. The best messages received may be played on-air during the next episode of LISTen: An Program. Remember to keep it under a minute and to give a quick mention of who you are when you call.

    Creative Commons License
    Sounding Off by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    What's On the Agenda for National Library Week?

    It starts this Sunday, April 10. Fill us in, what are you planning @ your library?

    Fine amnesty? Special activities for children? For adults? Honoring volunteers? Author visits? Contests? Extended hours? Comment below.

    What's Still Broken On

    I did an upgrade recently and I'm still trying to get things pieced back together again. If you spot something missing or broken, please do let me know!


    Join "Oprah, Libraries Need You!" on Facebook

    On facebook? Please join our campaign to get the top pop culture book-loving maven of our time to PROMOTE LIBRARIES by joining "Oprah, Libraries Need You!".

    The group, created as the result of a dream that Marilyn Johnson (author of 'This Book is Overdue') had in which she spoke to Oprah about libraries and Oprah agreed that they needed support (vivid dreaming MJ!) is ONE WEEK OLD and already has close to 1,000 members.

    Please add your name to the ranks and invite all your friends. It won't cost you a penny and who knows, maybe it'll result in an overwhelming wash of love and money from Oprah's coffers.

    If you have a story about your library that will help to support the cause, please post it on the wall and keep posting. Don't be shy. Thank you!!

    Next Week Is Banned Books Week...What Is Your Library Planning?

    BANNED BOOKS WEEK September 25 - October 2, 2010.

    Banned Books Week is the only national celebration of the freedom to read. It was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. More than a thousand books have been challenged since 1982. The challenges have occurred in every state and in hundreds of communities. Click here to see a map of book bans and challenges in the US from 2007 to 2009.

    Post your plans & or activities in a comment below please.

    LISNews In the Forefront of Journalism

    Saw "How to Open a New Book" in Boing Boing today...

    via the "submitterater"

    Link: (posted here on September 1; I found this on a facebook post by the Dusty Bookshelf)


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