Amazon Turns Your Local Library Into Retail Book Chain

Amazon threw down the gauntlet against terrestrial competitors today by announcing that Kindle and Kindle app customers can borrow and purchase Kindle books from more than 11,000 local libraries in the United States.

Full piece at the NYT blog ReadWriteWeb.

Note: Kindle books at your library was announced months ago. There are news stories coming out today because libraries are going live with the feature.

Story in PC World - Borrowing Kindle E-Books: A Hands-On Guide

Public Library eBooks for Kindle Now Available

Public Library eBooks for Kindle Now Available, Check Your Library
Amazon and OverDrive have quietly started rolling out Kindle ebook lending from public libraries, albeit in Beta. Even though there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, some public libraries have already started lending ebooks for the Kindle. (e.g. Seattle)

100 Kindle books for $3.99 or less

Amazon sale on Kindle books. 100 Kindle books that are $3.99 or less.

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Various models of a Netflix style book collection on Amazon

I wanted to look at some of the options that Amazon could take in regards to creating a Netflix style book collection.

Full piece


Amazon eyes Netflix for e-books: A move to get more Prime subscribers

Amazon is reportedly planning a Netflix-like subscription service for e-books in a move that would be another perk for Amazon Prime subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is in talks with book publishers about subscription access to a library of e-books. Now there are a bevy of issues with this concept. The Journal notes that publishers are wary and the latest titles may be excluded—just like Netflix’s streaming service.

For Amazon, this e-book library is likely to be lumped in with its Amazon Prime services. Today, you pay Amazon $79 a year and you get unlimited two day shipping and access to movies and TV shows.

Full article


Amazon and California Strike a Deal on Sales Tax

In a provisional agreement, Amazon agreed to start collecting sales tax a year from now.

Full story


Amazon’s Future Is So Much Bigger Than a Tablet

Wired's Epicenter blog takes a look at and how it's rumored tablet device may position Amazon as the dominant e-tailer in just about everything.

"A few years ago, people laughed at Amazon’s Kindle, especially its clunky hardware design and CEO Jeff Bezos’ breathless rhetoric about how it would change how customers bought and experienced media. Now that we’re getting closer to the unveiling of Amazon’s long-rumored, slickly designed multimedia tablet, nobody’s laughing any more.

Amazon has swiftly become the most disruptive company in the media and technology industries. Its potential in this space is simply off the charts: bigger than Apple’s, bigger than Google’s or Microsoft’s. It’s becoming a purer version of all three."

Intelligent conversation

At the end of this story on LISNEWS - The End for Old Greenwich's Just Books - there is this question - Who can you have an intelligent conversation with at

For some reason the comments on the story do not seem to be active.

So if we were going to have an intelligent conversation with Amazon what would be said?

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Major publishing deal for writer who sold 1m copies online

Self-published author John Locke has just signed a deal with a major publisher. In June this year, the American writer of contemporary crime became the first author to sell a million copies on Kindle.
While the publisher, Simon & Schuster, will handle sales and distribution for Locke’s books, they won’t cash in on his digital sales.

Locke – who sold his digital books via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform – is responsible for the popular Donovan Creed novels.

Read more:

Commentary by Mike Shatzkin on this story: John Locke and S&S show us another kind of deal we can expect to see again


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