Top library jobs restructured in Tulsa

The Tulsa City-County Library system has restructured its top leadership positions by eliminating daily management duties for its chief executive officer, who will continue receiving the same compensation package and work from home up to two days a week.

The library commission approved moving library and business day-to-day operations from Chief Executive Officer Linda Saferite to Chief Operating Officer Laurie Sundborg.

The move has raised questions among library staff while apparently affecting employee morale, according to interviews conducted by the Tulsa World.


I’m trying to do the math on this but it’s getting confusing. Her yearly salary (if I’ve done the numbers right) is $162,640.40. Six weeks paid vacation, eight personal days, holidays (Thanksgiving, etc.), and plus I am going to assume that she gets one sick day per month. So if she only has to show up in the library three days of the week of the remaining time left after all that time has been taken out, it means that she gets well over a THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY when she actually shows her face at her job.

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