Tongue Not Too Far in Cheek...Texas Textbooks cartoonist Mikhaela B. Reid.



oh yes!

Thank God for Texas!

This makes me sad.

As a Texan, the Board of Education and its' supporters make me angry >:

I don't think it's all bad. Some of the liberal spin in schools needs to be countered somehow. Our schools need to be places where students can freely examine multiple sides of an issue, not be force-fed one side only.

Go Texas!

"Students can freely examine multiple sides of an issue" is not what is happening. In many of the changes made, they are still only getting one side of an issue. How about combining both sides into ONE textbook?

Then I hope they study the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause in there world history classes.

Their, it's been a long night.

There, which you caught, and Clause instead of Claus. Happens to the best of us.

Santa Clause gave me a grammar book for Christmas.

What liberal spin? How about facts?

How about a health textbook called "Storks: Where Babies Come From"

If this were facebook, I would "like" this comment.

Does anyone have specific examples of what is in the TX textbooks that is causing this fire storm? I watched a news story last night and it contained no substance, only reactions. Does probing journalism exist anymore?