Three eBook Readers on the iPad

Matthew Miller from Zdnet reports on his iPad reading experiences: "One of the first things I did when my iPad arrived was load up the iBooks and Amazon Kindle applications. I then saw yesterday that Kobo launched their ebook application and am now just waiting to see an iPad-optimized Barnes & Noble eReader client appear. I have a B&N nook and Sony Reader 505 (the old one), but have to honestly say the iPad may have turned these into devices to give away to family and friends. The major strengths of the iPad are the multiple client support and integrated, controllable backlight while the weaknesses are the lack of eInk, lack of Adobe Digital Editions support (for those free library books), and weight in your hand compared to dedicated ebook devices. I captured screenshots of the three ebook applications currently on my iPad starting on this page of the iPad Experience Series image gallery and present you with some thoughts on these three below. Do you think the iPad can replace your dedicated ebook reader?"