The Zen of Web Discovery

<a href="">The Zen of Web Discovery</a>: Whether you're just thinking of getting a new resource discovery layer; are starting implementation but are overwhelmed by the number of configuration options for your new product; or already have a site in production that is unfortunately going unacknowledged by coworkers, this article is written for you. It gives an overview of strategies for successfully managing the change that comes with a new web-scale discovery system. Many libraries have revitalized their role by offering an updated resource discovery layer. This article gives an informal overview of design principles and best practices for implementing a web-scale discovery system. Emphasis is placed on the proper service philosophy of supporting a new technology, with open communications and evidence-based customization.


The author of 'The Zen of Web Discovery' expended many more words in making sweeping, repeated, and rather offensive generalizations about librarians' alleged reluctance to embrace technology, than in offering practical information and advice.

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