the NEW Seattle Library


The Los Angeles Times has an article on the architect who is designing the new Seattle Public Library, set to be finished by 2003.

\"More sculptural in form than anything Koolhaas has yet designed, the library is a physical expression of the struggle to both maintain the sanctity of public space and build an efficient technological machine in a world that is in a constant state of flux.\"

And here is a commentary from the Seattle Times from someone who doesn\'t like it. Read on...

\"Rem Koolhaas proclaims eloquently about furthering the urbanity of Seattle, yet he has designed a most uncivil building in the new Seattle Public Library.
His library plan confuses amusement-park posturing with urbane vitality. It is isolated from the street. It would better fit in a suburban office park than a city street.\"

\"It is still not too late to revise Koolhaas’ design to meet his goals and create a true \"living room\" for Seattle.\"

\"The architect and the Library Board need to notice if this building connects to the streets around it. The key question is: Does the design create a \"pedestrian-friendly\" Seattle? On a \"pedestrian-friendly\" street, people like to walk, peer into interesting windows and bump into other people.\"

\"We pay too much attention to how a building appears; the central question for every building is how it behaves. Does the design connect the inside with the outside? The library design must ultimately place existing library functions at street level if it is to contribute to a lively streetscape.\"

\"Rem Koolhaas’ blueprint for the Seattle Public Library reminds us that even a Pritzker Prize-winning, globe-trotting architect must adhere to the rules of good urban design.\"