The Denver Library--An Unofficial Homeless Shelter?

Submitted byIvan Edelman (not verified)on Sun, 06/04/2017 - 17:54

I have been retired from the public library scene for many years. I know from what I have seen here in San Diego at the main library that the homeless problem is an issue. From what I have read about library sites, on line, the homeless situation is universal. Local, State, and the Federal Government have not stepped up to this issue. Unfortunately for the public library it is getting hit hard by homeless people trying to find a warm, dry place to spend some part of their day.

From Colorado Public Radio a piece about the main library and how staff are trying to safeguard library visitors.

One person recently died in the library bathroom from a drug overdose. That inspired the library to began a program to instruct staff how to administer the drug antidote, Narcan.

"A lot of the root causes of the behaviors that are finding their way through our doors are happening throughout Denver, and that's daunting,” said Chris Henning, communications manager for the Denver Public Library. “We're trying to do what we can do specifically for our facilities to make sure they're safe. And at the same time, help the city address these bigger problems. These societal problems however we can to try and make an impact on that, because they're just coming at us at a rate that we have not seen before."