Tears for Fears video get literal library translation

Funny or Die is hosting <a href="http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6342db2270">a literal translation of a Tears for Fears video</a> that takes place in a library. Instead of the schmaltzy lyrics, they sing about what is happening in the real music video. They really nailed libraries in the 1980s, not only does it prominently feature a monkey but a rabbi, a mullet, a quaint old card catalog, and of course a hot librarian stalked by a <strike>creepy patron</strike> lead singer from the band who happens to be "head over heels" for her. It is subtitled for your pleasure.


I must note that it is not a monkey, but a chimpanzee.

Nor is it necessarily a rabbi, but simply Hasidim headgear, most probably Reysh court of Hasidim. Since the brow is not turned down we know that he is not Lubavich. Of course the hats worn on a weekday differ from the hats worn on Shabbos, but then one would not find an observant Jew in the library on Shabbos. Heck you can't even tear toilet paper, the idea that you could go to the library on Shabbos is just crazy.

I really did like the video. I know way too much useless stuff.

Too funny! I can't speak to Hasidic issues but I was lovin' the mullet salute.