Wireless Laptop Survey

This was originally posted on LibWireless and various other lists. The link to the presentation and to the survey data is included. Look at the presentation as it is very good and filled with lots of useful information. --- Bill Drew

With apologies for the delays in posting this, and for any cross-postings, here are the results of the surveys I conducted in March. Members of this and other lists were asked to participate in one of 3 concurrent surveys. 228 of you graciously obliged. And I sincerely appreciate the effort of all who took the time to add comments or ask for the results.

The link is:

[PLEASE NOTE: The spaces are actually underscoring.]

A Note on Format: These web pages were prepared specifically for the presentation that I gave at the latest New Jersey Library Association annual conference (April 11-13th). You will find all the data the Surveys yielded but you will not find analysis here. (That was the live narration.) The data created by these surveys (especially Survey A) was not a tsunami to be sure, but I found it enlightening and - sometimes - entertaining. You may too.

Disclaimers / Caveats / Bewares:

1. The web site is incomplete. Yes, the survey data is ALL there, but Not all of it is in readily analyzable form. I'm working on that. As all research done by organic life forms, this study is subject to errors. In other words: Use the data at your own risk.

2. The content of this gaggle of web pages, like both the best and worst of its cyber-ilk, is copyrighted. I feel like a publisher's thug saying so, but must because I have squeezed a publishable article out of it ('Library Hi Tech,' later this year) and have a second in the works. So, if you use any significant bit of it in any creation of your own, please acknowledge the source.

3. Should you make an original observation, trenchant inference, or Funny deduction from what you see, I'd really like to hear it. And, in the event I use said idea in my writing, I will certainly give full credit To the creator. In fact, if said same idea tips the scales at BRILLIANT, I'll ask first (in case it's copyrighted!).

Laplend / Hugh Holden [email protected] / [email protected]


Internet at Public Utility - Municipal WiFi

Discussion about Municicpal Wireless Includes a link to the audio.

Talk of the Nation, April 25, 2005 · What if a wireless computer user could access high speed Internet anywhere -- for free? It would be just like turning on a radio and receiving a signal. That's what's happening in some areas, and others are exploring it across the nation.


Ed Schwartz, member, executive committee of Wireless Philadelphia; president, Institute for the Study of Civic Values

Declan Mccullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET news.com

Eric Rabe, vice president for media relations, Verizon

Brad Mayer, information services manager, City of Chaska, Min., and Chaska.net


New Blog for Wireless Libraries

This announcement has been posted to several lists.  Please
feel free to forward it where appropriate As a step into the continuing growth
of Wi-Fi in libraries, I am starting a blog called Wireless Libraries. It is at:
anyone is interested in becoming a contributor directly to the blog, please let
me know and I will add you as a "member."  That way you would be able to
add content to it as well as correct any content you add. I decided
on a blog because it gives me a little bit of editorial control for quality and
content.  I looked at wikis over the weekend but am still a little wary of
using them because they are so wide open.  I will also set up a second
blog, if there is interest, to pipe content from the LibWireless discussion
group into it. The list of libraries with wireless will not be part
of the blog directly.  This list will now be part of Marshall Breeding's
lib-web-cats database.  This is an ideal location for this information. The
database is searchable by many different fields including type of library. 
Marshall has added two fields to the database, one to indicate a wireless
network and one free form field for adding your network information and
policies.  Each library in my original list will have to update or input
your information.  The database is at:http://www.librarytechnology.org/libwebcats/Wilfred
(Bill) DrewAssociate Librarian, Systems and ReferenceMorrisville State
College LibraryE-mail: mailto:[email protected]AOL
Instant Messenger:BillDrew4BillDrew.Net: http://billdrew.net/Wireless Librarian: http://people.morrisville.edu/~drewwe/wireless/Library:
Blog: http://babyboomerlibrarian.blogspot.com/ "To
teach is to learn twice." - Joseph Joubert


Changes at Wireless Librarian

Wireless Policies

I am making a major change in my Wireless Librarian website. I will no longer add new wireless installations to my list of libraries with wireless networks. I have archived the current list and replaced it with a page listing search sites for finding Wi-Fi hotpsots. So far I have JiWire and Wi-Fi Zone listed. Both offer free listings.

The major reason I am making this change is the simple fact I can not keep up with the number of submissions I get every day. At least in the US, Wi-Fi in libraries is becoming commonplace if not quite yet ubiquitous. I will focus the website on tehcnical issues, policies, how the technology is being used, and on its marketing by libraries.

New Libraries to be added to Wireless Librarian

I will be adding over 120 new links to libraries with new wi-fi installation by the end of March. I apologize for the delay. We will be on break the week of March 11 and that will give me achance to do theupdates.


IEEE to Amend 802.11 - LAN Standards

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "http://www.eetimes.com/sys/news/showArticle.jhtml? articleID=59302251

The IEEE has begun work on two amendments to the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless local area networks.IEEE P802.11u, "Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: IEEE 802.11 Interworking with External Networks," will harmonize the ability of IEEE 802.11 equipment and external networks to work together. The common wireless interworking framework it will provide will include protocol exchanges across the air interface and primitives to support the higher-layer interactions involved.IEEE P802.11v, "Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Network Management," will create a complete and coherent upper layer interface for managing IEEE 802.11 devices in wireless networks.


The British Library Showcasing Wifi Workplace of the Future

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "http://www.managinginformation.com/news/content_sh ow_full.php?id=3452

The British Library and Building Zones are inviting visitors to step into Central London's largest WiFi hotspot at the Library's St Pancras site to sample the ultimate workplace of the future.From January 17th - March 11th, a special interactive installation will be available for use by the public, showcasing the integration of the latest in practical furniture design and wireless technology.Until now, public hotspots have simply grafted wireless technology onto existing furniture combinations. These are not always ideal in terms of ergonomics or ease of use. Ten furniture designers were commissioned by the Library to provide innovative solutions to the requirements of 'nomadic' working; they had to take into account the needs of WiFi users in public spaces, in particular: an integral power supply - to minimise trailing electrical flexes, a secure storage space for bags, equipment and documents and good ergonomics - including comfort, lighting and safety.

____________________________________________http://news.zdnet.co.uk/communications/wireless/0, 39020348,39174090,00.htm

The network covers eleven reading rooms, the Library auditorium, a cafe and restaurant, and also an outdoor Piazza. It will be available to around 3,000 visitors per day.Broadcom has built a huge Wi-Fi zone outdoors in Central London, but the British Library believes its network is the largest indoor site, rivalling locations such as Heathrow Airport in terms of coverage.


Digital Camera with Email WiFi for Uploads Introduced

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/gear/2005-01 -05-easy-one-review_x.htmhttp://news.com.com/New+Kodak+camera+boasts+wirele ss+e-mail/2100-7353_3-5515827.htmlhttp://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=inte rnetNews&storyID=7247239

Photo company Eastman Kodak Co. (EK.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday unveiled a high-end digital camera that can e-mail pictures using popular wireless technology that works in public coffee shops and businesses as well as homes.Kodak's 4-megapixel Easyshare-One, with a touch-screen, too, will be available later this year for about $600. A card to let the camera work with Wi-Fi wireless technology, will cost another $100.


Note from Bill Drew: Interesting idea. This one will really drive some businesses with security concerns over the edge. To me it also raises privacy concerns.

Pervasive Networks - Merging of WiFi, Cellular, & Wired

http://search-engines-web.com/ writes "

WiFi, Cellular, and Wired Networks Merging To Form Pervasive Networks in Homes and OfficesEnabling technologies such as Bluetooth, IP, Java, Jini, WML, WiFi, and XML/Voice make it possible to build applications that can be accessed by employees from any location. Consumers are benefiting as well, by building in-home networks and enjoying gaming on their wireless handhelds.

http://www.insight-corp.com/reports/pervastech.asp http://www.bbwexchange.com/publications/newswires/ page546-1498785.asphttp://www.wirelessweek.com/index.asp?layout=docum ent&doc_id=1340002642&verticalID=34&vertical=Busin ess+and+Finance&industry="

Lots of libraries going Wi-Fi

I am in the process of adding over 60 libraries to my list of libraries with wireless. Most of these I have received in the last two months. The semester here at Morrisville College has been very busy so I hav enot had the time to add new libraries to my list. Stay tuned for more:




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