Marketing Libraries

On Wisconsin!! Six Out of Ten Wisconsonites Are Library Card Holders

Submitted by birdie on Mon, 09/20/2010 - 09:42

Many people can't afford to spend money on luxury items these days. They're forced to spend their cash on food and rent instead of books, DVDs, and magazines.

And that's why many Wisconsin residents (dare I say cheeseheads?) are turning to their local library for entertainment.

Sony Has Dave Farrow Reading Aloud to Promote Its Readers & Help Canadian Libraries

Submitted by birdie on Fri, 09/10/2010 - 13:32

Dave Farrow, who overcame dyslexia and ADHD to become a world-famous speed reader and Guinness World Record holder, is living and reading in a front window display at the Sony Centre in Toronto. For every book he reads, Sony will donate 2 Reader™ digital books to public libraries across Canada. Watch live on Facebook.

July 30, 1935: Penguins Invade Britain, Readers Rejoice

Submitted by Pete on Fri, 07/30/2010 - 10:35

Todays This Day in Tech blog from Wired relates how today Penguin publishes the first paperback books of substance, bringing the likes of Ernest Hemingway, André Maurois and Agatha Christie to the masses.

"Allen Lane, then with publisher The Bodley Head, had spent the weekend at the country estate of celebrated mystery writer Agatha Christie. (Lucky chap.) Whilst waiting at Exeter station for his train back home, he sought out at the bookstall something suitable to read for the trip.

Which Library Systems Are Facing Major Cuts? Let Us Know...

Submitted by birdie on Fri, 05/28/2010 - 21:01

Lori Reed, creator with Heather Braum of the website Save Libraries is preparing background for a news story on which library systems are facing cuts. We could use your assistance and make the biggest impact and the loudest entreaties to budgetary decision-makers with a near complete list of libraries facing cuts.

Prize Winning Photo Reflects The Joy of Reading

Submitted by birdie on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 09:54

From The Item, BISHOPVILLE SC - For the third time in four years, the Lee County Public Library has won top honors in the State Library's Annual Photo Contest: Day in the Life of South Carolina Libraries.

Librarian Elizabeth Snyder-Powell's photo of Head Librarian Dawn Ellen reading to 18-month-old T. J. Brown captured the award for the best overall photo.