TNT Checks Out 'Librarian' Again: The Curse of the Judas Chalice

The most mild-mannered action hero in TV history will be back on TNT late this year. The cable network has begun production on the third installment of its "Librarian" franchise, with former "ER" star Noah Wyle reprising his title role. The movie, titled "The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice," is scheduled to premiere in late 2008.

Calling all Star Trek nerds

I'm "writing" (if you want to be generous) a strip called Black Shirts about two guys who work on a starship that looks like the USS Enterprise, but isn't. (To avoid possible legal problems; who know, IANAL.)
I'll post a few strips once a week on my blogger page, but all the strips will also be on the toondoo page:

you might notice that I use the same image for every panel: yes, I am lazy.

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The Librarians: compelling without being either brilliant or actually hilarious

The Sydney Morning Herald Has A Review of the ABC TV Show The Librarians.

This intriguing series manages to be compelling without being either brilliant or actually hilarious. It's funny at times but the jokes often land too hard and stray uncomfortably into the darkness, preventing it from working in the same comedic fashion as more accessible shows such as Kath & Kim and Summer Heights High.

I think I'll start describing myself as being "compelling without being either brilliant or actually hilarious."


Have A Lend of Us

Could this be your library? One librarian is "trampy", the others are "a bit dim", "helpful and gay" and "sweet and dyslexic". Maybe...

...but it's really an inside peek at the cast and crew of the new Australian TV comedy, "The Librarians" from The Sydney Morning Herald.


in Australia, new TV Entertainment by theName of "The Librarians"


Hey there...

Any Aussie librarians seen the new show by the same name? Please send us your comments! Here's a review from The Age of the recently premiered dark comedy.

New Show Down Under...The Librarians

There's a "New Australian black comedy on the tele...The in The Age.

"There's something intrinsically comic about a library. It's a place of order and quiet, but anyone can come in, and they frequently do. The line between control and chaos is crossed every day. So the new ABC comedy series The Librarians is the subject of considerable speculation within the book-lending profession.

The librarian who gave the series' writer, producer and star Robyn Butler a tour of the State Library expressed the fears of many when she took the comedian aside and asked: "You're not going to be mean to librarians, are you? You're not going to wear cardigans and say shush?"


Batgirl 1966 (or The Super-Secret Lives of Librarians)

A video posted on looks at the day to day life of a simple librarian who happens to idolize Batman and happens to be the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. Who wears yellow to work anyway?


Presidential Libraries...History Uncovered on C-SPAN

Oops, we missed the first one, but there are eleven more to go...C-SPAN is broadcasting live from one presidential library each week, (it started last Friday with the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa).

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith will be hosting, and he predict that the broadcasts will be "a kind of history that people don't get out of their textbooks." Story from The Houston Chronicle; details from C-SPAN. Watch on C-SPAN-TV, listen on C-SPAN Radio.

When: Every Friday through Nov. 30. Check your local listings (as they say).

Sept. 14: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sept. 21: Harry S. Truman

Sept. 28: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Oct. 5: John F. Kennedy

Oct. 12: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Oct. 19: Richard Nixon

Oct. 26: Gerald R. Ford

Nov. 2: Jimmy Carter

Nov. 9: Ronald Reagan

Nov. 16: George Bush

Nov. 30: William J. Clinton

Catch Up On Books & Authors on BookTV

Want to catch up with some BookTV this weekend (including Garrison Keillor's love letter to libraries)? Check out their newly revised webpage here. The site also features brief interviews with local authors, recorded on the Book TV Bus at festivals and industry events. Program durations are now listed for TiVo or DVR users.


A Dream Job for a Foodie Librarian

This weekend I caught a special on the Food Network, Food Network Unwrapped 2. In amongst the backstage secrets of Iron Chef America, Paula Deen, and Tyler Florence was a brief segment on Jonathan Milder.

Milder is the research librarian for the Food Network. The show had him showing off the cookbook stacks (over 4,000 titles!) and making some calls to verify key information (is there a difference between rice vinegar and rice wine vinegar?) for an upcoming Food Network show.

A little digging also found me an interview with Milder at the StarChefsJobFinder website (scroll down a screen to see it). Here's a snippet:

I can't imagine there's any direct route to doing this sort of thing. This position is an odd mix of food writer, journalist, trend-watcher and librarian. The next person to hold this position will have trodden an entirely different path from the one I traveled. This is a position for voracious readers, bookworms, and aspiring polymaths, a position for people who find nearly as much pleasure in reading about food as in eating it. And those people can be found in the most unexpected places.

The show will air again on May 19 and 20, in case you want to catch it.



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