"Switched Up" show on ABC Family

heidi writes "A tv show called "Switched Up" wherein people change careers for 4 days with someone else with (no doubt) hilarious results. The commercial I saw made me do a double take. "I want to be a librarian," a rather bemused woman stated. "Because my life is so noisy...and I just want some quiet." The next scene shows her overwhelmed with an armload of books. Sounds like someone is in for a surprise!Premieres Sunday, March 7th at 7 PM.Here's The Site"


Why reading is more fun than TV

A Very Defiant Duckling Named Ender was kind enough to share This Article on the troubles with TV. It says the average mood while watching sitcoms on television is mild depression. Reading a book, however, gets a tick. It's a lot less passive than being slumped in front of the box.


Television Captioning Censorship

Bob Cox points us to an interesting site about the National Association of the Deaf, NAD, and NCD, the National Council on Disabilities, who are protesting the decision-making process regarding which programs receive captioning and which ones do not.

Also, see a list of recently approved and disapproved shows for U.S. Department of Education captioning support here.


Superbowl Alternatives

If you're not a football fan (let's see how those PATRIOTS ACT...) you could always do something else besides watch the Super Bowl tonite. Folks in the Palm Beach (FL) area are offered a variety of options in this article tcpalm.comsuch as reading, going to the theater, or watching something ELSE on TV. Jean Coberly at the Blake Library in Stuart suggests curling up with a good book.

"They just did the Oscar nominations, and four of five of the films nominated for best picture are books," Coberly said. Those are "Sea Biscuit," "Lord of the Rings," "Master and Commander" and "Mystic River."

And there's even a way to tie reading into the Super Bowl, Coberly said.

"If you're desperate and you want to know why men are watching the game, you can read 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,' by John Gray."
Whatever you do, though, you might want to include nachos in your plans.



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