Nat Hentoff renounces ALA and his Immroth Award

InfoWhale writes "Nat Hentoff has been writing for several months now about ALA's refusal to join Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other groups demanding the release of imprisoned librarians and journalists. He has finally decided to officially renounce his 1983 ALA Immroth Award for intellectual freedom.
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Cuba Says Internet Ban Deters "Satanic Cults"

Robert Kent writes: "The Cuban government has responded angrily to worldwide protests of its
tightened ban on home-based access to the Internet, scheduled to go into effect in
late January. Only a small percentage of Cuban citizens are allowed to surf
the World Wide Web, and even before the new ban was enacted home-based access to
the Internet through the public telephone service was generally illegal, but
until now many Cubans have been able to surf the Net clandestinely by
purchasing passwords on the black market. The new law will make it easier for the
government to track down and prosecute unauthorized Internet use over the public
telephone lines.



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