Orlando Op-Ed Criticizes ALA Hypocrisy

The Friends of Cuban Libraries writes "From today's Orlando Sentinel: 'Ramon Colas will set up his booth at the ALA's reading-fest today in Orlando, hoping to drive home to the nation's librarians that freedom to read without fear of government persecution is not just an American value. It's a basic human right... If America's premier organization for defending free speech can't make that connection, it loses all credibility on the Patriot Act.'

The full text of this hardhitting op-ed can be read in the Recent News section of the Friends of Cuban Libraries website: ("


Emergency Appeal to ALA from Havana

Walter Skold writes "The head of the Independent Libraries in Cuba has just made an emergency appeal to the International Relations Committee, under ALA's policy 58.3. Prisoners have been released this year because of international pressure and letters sent, but the situation is still critical in Cuba. For those who are members of the ALA this is an appeal to our elected leaders, please let them know how you feel. For others, your letters and solidarity will make a difference too. (See


Imprisoned librarian released

Fang-Face writes "From Friends of Cuban Libraries:
According to an EFE press agency article, datelined June 8 from Havana, the Cuban government has released Leonardo Bruzón Avila. This is the third Cuban prisoner of conscience released because of failing health. One Crime Against The State that he apparently committed was to show the Disney film Hercules to a group of children. There is more on that particular case on the same page under the heading: Amnesty International seeks Urgent Action for jailed librarian. "


Grass roots support for independent Cuban librarians

Fang-Face writes "A group of American librarians has launched a website in defense of the freedom to read, including showing solidarity with the jailed independent librarians in Cuba. You can find
the story at Friends of Cuban Libraries. This group's web site can be found at And yes, that spelling is correct. It is a combination of the words "freedom" and "read" to reflect the main purpose of the project. FREADOM is not affiliated with Friends of Cuban Libraries."


New website devoted to freeing imprisoned Cuban Librarians

InfoWhale writes "Karen Schneider, an ALA councilor and library leader, has helped librarians and supporters of libraries to create a new website aimed at helping other librarians take part in the widespread international campaign to free the imprisoned Cuban librarians. If you want to learn more, log on at:"


Europe urged to remember Cuban repression

Fang-Face writes "For those who are following the story of the Cuban oppression of independent librarians, Reporters Without Borders called on Europe to remember Cuban repression on the 1st anniversary of the crackdown. There's no new real information, except that RSF is agitating for European citizens and governments to get more involved. RSF is involved because the crackdown was on journalists as much as librarians. The page also has a link to a declaration (in PDF) opposing the oppression."


Author Critical of ALA re: Cuban Librarians

Author and columnist John Armor, writing in the conservative news site ChronWatch vehemently criticizes the "left-wing" leaning ALA for not supporting jailed Cuban librarians.
Warning: this article contains an explicit unfriendly attitude towards the ALA


Nat Hentoff in prison? His Cuban librarian finale

InfoWhale writes "Nat Hentoff, one of America's leading fighters for intellectual freedom, has written six columns - 2 syndicated and four for the Village Voice - about ALA's refusal to join the rest of the world in demanding the release of imprisoned librarians. This finale asks the question - "What does Mr. Hentoff know of the real Cuba?" I know that if I were a Cuban, I would be in prison."
read it in the Village Voice


Judy Krug responds to Nat Hentoff

InfoWhale writes "Judy Krug, long-standing head of ALA's Intellectual Freedom Office, and personal friend of Nat Hentoff, has responded to Hentoff's renunciation of ALA's Immroth Award. More here at WorldNetDaily."


ALA website adds info on Cuban librarians

InfoWhale points us to some information about Cuban librarians from the ALA.

The page he points to is an announcement that an "ALA and IFLA
Access to Information and Intellectual Freedom
in Cuba"
page has been created.

More Cuba than you can shake a big cigar at.



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