Creation of the Library and Archives of Canada

Cabot writes \"Minister of Canadian Heritage Sheila Copps announced today the creation of the Library and Archives of Canada, confirming the intention of the Government as expressed in the Speech from the Throne on Monday. This new agency will see the convergence of the rich collections and recognized expertise of the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada.

Here\'s The Story \"

Denver Public Library Ranks Number One!

M. Celeste Jackson writes \"Denver Public Library today announces it has been ranked the Number One Public Library in the nation for libraries serving a population of 500,000 or more by Hennen\'s American Public Library Ratings (HAPLR Index). This rating system identifies the best public libraries in America.\"

Rocky Mountain News has a story as well.

New issue of \'Learned Publishing\' available

The October issue of Learned Publishing is now available:

  • The peer-review process - Fytton Rowland
  • Reading behaviour and electronic journals - Carol Tenopir; Donald W. King
  • Linking to full text: the secondary publisher\'s perspective - Andrea Powell
  • The Pergamon phenomenon 1951-1991: Robert Maxwell and scientific publishing - Brian Cox
  • Two societies show how to profit by providing free access - Thomas J. Walker
  • You are the weakest link - goodbye: serving the information-hungry corporate end-user - Paul Harwood
  • Medical journal publishing: one culture or several?- Tim Albert; Alex Williamson
  • Promoting literacy in a digital age: approaches to training for information literacy - David Bawden; Lyn Robinson
  • Introducing a new journals subscription system: the agony and the ecstasy - Melinda Kenneway et al

    And more!

  • Information Professionals Of The World

    Nafiz Zaman Shuva writes: \"Information Professionals Of The World have already been published . Please visit and get a new taste. Information professional Of The World aims to create cooperation with world information professional. It\'s a good opportunity to project your self as world great information professional. If you are librarian, teacher, information officer, information scientist or you are concerned with library and information science and not listed yet then you are cordially requested to send your short description with your recent photo to my mailing address [email protected] The short description should include your name, present address, phone (in any), e-mail, website, your publication ( if any) your institution, your country, your job title and your field of interest. So send your short description with your recent photo very quickly. If you are not interested to send your photo you can send your details only. When I received your details I will publish your short description to the Resource.Net Then I will inform you.\"

    The Shy Librarian (Marian) Awards

    Joseph Cadieux writes \"The Marian awards, put out by the Shy Librarian, serve to honor INDIVIDUALS who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and resourcefulness in marketing, promoting, and advocating on behalf of public librarians and public libraries. THE SHY LIBRARIAN AWARDS are presented annually by The Shy Librarian magazine.

    The awards are open to any individual who has worked in a public library in the United States of America anytime during the calendar year 2002.
    There will be Twelve Awards in All, and Each of the four first place winners will receive a Shy Librarian statuette engraved with the words \"for exceptional creativity and resourcefulness on behalf of public libraries,\" as well as a $50.00 check from The Shy Librarian magazine.

    Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature

    There was a fun Frankenstein story on the ALA site.

    Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature is a new traveling exhibition that encourages audiences to examine the intent of Mary Shelley\'s novel, Frankenstein, and to discuss Shelley\'s and their own views about personal and societal responsibility as it relates to science and other areas of life.

    Frankenstein will visit 80 libraries across the country between October 2002 and December 2005. In addition to the exhibition, participating libraries will host interpretive and educational programs that help audiences examine Mary Shelley\'s novel and how it uses scientific experimentation as metaphor to comment on cultural values, especially the importance of exercising responsibility toward individuals and the community in all areas of human activity, including science.

    The exhibition and related materials were developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health and the ALA Public Programs Office and funded by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

    Free \'Informed Librarian\' surveys journals

    Via Library Juice:

    THE INFORMED LIBRARIAN is a monthly compilation of the most recent tables of contents from over 180 valuable domestic and foreign library and information-related journals, e-journals, magazines, e-magazines, newsletters and e-newsletters.

    This newsletter helps keep you informed and abreast of all library trends. It is an easy, timesaving way to stay on top of your professional reading by listing all current contents in one place, fully hyperlinked to the contents.
    Recommended for all types of library and information professionals.

    More information and subscription instructions.

    MEDLINEplus available in Spanish

    Via Businesswire:

    A.D.A.M., Inc.. a leading publisher of interactive health content, today announced that the National Library of Medicine (NLM), through a multi-year licensing agreement with A.D.A.M., has launched a Spanish version of MEDLINEplus, using A.D.A.M.\'s Spanish health information resources.

    MEDLINEplus . . . [now] allows healthcare practitioners, consumers and patients, to access identical English and Spanish health information with a single click . . .

    Making MEDLINEplus information available in Spanish greatly expands NLM\'s ability to carry out its mission to communicate with the public.

    Complete press release.

    The New Shy Librarian Hits The Shelves

    Joseph Cadieux wrote in to tell everyone the fall issue of The Shy Libarian magazine is just out. You can read some of the articles and see what\'s in this issue at
    A few titles this time:
    Sisterfriends: Women Sharing Life Experiences Through Literature
    The SHY Interview: Personal Appearance Policy Challenged
    How Doth the Glib Librarian

    \'01 research library stats available

    From Managing Information:

    The Association of Research Libraries has announced the publication of the ARL Statistics 2000-2001, the latest in a series of annual publications that describe the collections, staffing, expenditures, and service activities for 123 of its member libraries.

    Of these, 113 are university libraries; the remaining 10 are public, governmental, and private research libraries. ARL member libraries are the largest research libraries in North America, representing 16 Canadian and 107 U.S. research institutions.

    The academic libraries, which comprise about 92% of the membership, include 14 Canadian and 99 U.S. libraries.

    Complete article.

    Librarian creates \"Flooded Out Film Festival\"

    Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Steve Fesenmaier, director of WVLC Film Services 1978-1999, currently research librarian at WVLC, has created a new film festival about the devastation caused recently in Southern Appalachia as a result of mountaintop removal and clearcutting of forests. All funds raised will go to the victims including the McDowell County Public Library which was almost destroyed by the flooding. On October 10th, in Charleston, WV, at the WVSC CAPITOL THEATER, two world premieres will be held.

    Share Your Thoughts on 9-11

    Steven M. Cohen is asking librarians to send him a quick note about your thoughts/feelings/emotions one year after 9-11-01.He wants to know.... What is going through your heads? Are you nervous? Scared? Bitter? Just a few quick comments (100 words or less).

    You can contact him at and let him know how you feel.

    ACME founding Summit set for Oct. 18-20, 2002

    Robin Kildow writes \"Of definite interest to librarians and educators nationwide:
    (Unfortunately, the early-bird registration deadline has passed)

    The Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) has organized its founding \"summit\" for October 18-20, 2002 in Albuquerque, NM.

    Its call to conference states:

    \"We are the most heavily mediated society in world history. Powerful media tools-print, radio, television, the Internet-can bring a rich diversity of information into every home and school. Yet just a few corporate players control much of the media system that shapes our culture.

    Your opinions are needed for library directory survey

    Godfrey Oswald writes \"
    To coincide with the forthcoming release of \"The Library Factfinder\" (a
    \"Guinness Book of World Records\" that is only about libraries, books and
    databases) opinions are being sought for an annual survey on the \"Info
    Connect LIS Directory\"

    The results of the survey will enable me to carry out major changes to the
    \"Info connect LIS Directory 2002\" in time for the 2003 edition.

    Please could you spare 2 minutes to fill in an
    online questionnaire.

    When you get to this link, just click on the \"Feedback\" box\"

    Library for the blind goes digital

    From Globe & Mail:

    With a massive database of digital books, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) is trying to narrow the information gap that now leaves blind people with access to only 3 per cent of the world\'s printed texts.

    \"It will open up a window on the world to blind and visually impaired people,\" says law student Aaron Marsaw, a CNIB client and board member.

    Jim Sanders, president and chief executive officer of the Toronto-based CNIB says a $33-million program to digitize the organization\'s library, book production and distribution processes likely will be copied by other libraries for the blind around the world.

    Complete article.

    SCONUL Newsletter

    Antony Brewerton writes \"SCONUL, the UK\'s Society of College, National and University Libraries, is pleased to announce that issue 25 of the SCONUL Newsletter is now available.

    Alongside the usual wide and varied collection of articles on topics ranging from space management and collection development to e-initiatives and the promotion of information skills, we have decided to make the main focus of this issue staffing.

    The SCONUL Newsletter is available in paper format or electronically via The WWWW

    So if you want to know what we are up to in the academic library sector in the UK log on and enjoy! \"

    New Selections for Librarian\'s Book Club

    Troy Johnson writes \"

    The Librarian\'s Book Club(LBC)has posted the reading selections for September. The selected books can be seen at The LBC

    The LBC is a reading club that discusses books that relate to libraries and the profession. Anyone is welcome to join. \"

    R.R. Bowker Announces Introduction of Standard for Sheet Music

    This Announcement From Bowker introduces the International Standard Music Number (ISMN) system, a uniform global standard for identifying all printed music publications available worldwide.
    They say it\'s already used around the world, and will do for Music Publishing hhat \"ISBN\" did for book publishing.

    Calling All Riot Librrrarians

    Just passing on an interesting call for papers, first carried by Library Juice (and various listservs, of course):

    Call for submissions for issue #1 of \"riot librarrrian\"

    To all feminists library workers and users:

    This is a call for submissions for a zine project I am
    working on with a friend from library school. The
    title will be \"Riot Librarrrian: Breaking the Binding
    of Patriarchy since 2001\". It is a zine about
    feminism, the library, library workers and the spaces
    where these things collide. Though this zine will be
    of interest to feminist library workers, the intended
    audience will simply be feminists (and those
    interested in feminism).

    SO-- We are looking for drawings, comics, pictures,
    and writings to include in issue #1. We are looking
    for stories from feminists (contributions from
    feminists of all genders are welcome) about using the
    library, working in the library, going to library
    school, etc. We will also be including annotated
    bibliographies of feminist resources (books, zines,
    magazines, websites) for feminists to look for at
    their libraries, and to ask their librarians for if
    they don\'t find these items. We are looking for
    advice for feminists from feminist librarians on how
    to use the library. (As an example I will give the
    call number ranges of feminist material according to
    Dewey and according to LC.) We are also interested in
    critiques of the Dewey and LC classification systems
    and are planning a small article about Melville Dewey
    and what a jerk he was. (I\'ve been told that
    prospective students of his library school were
    expected to send in their measurements and
    escriptions of their eye colors with their

    If we decide not to include an entry that we receive
    we will write a letter explaining why. We will not
    edit any entries without first discussing the proposed
    changes with the contributor. This zine will be put
    together out of our pocket money and we may charge a
    dollar or two to cover copying expensives. (We will
    be giving away many copies as well.)

    Entries should be rather short. Bland entries will
    not be considered. Thanks very much for your time. I hope to be bombarded with your feminist brilliance soon.

    Sara (riot librarrrian) Pete
    [email protected]

    Electronic Library Evaluation

    The eVALUEd Project Team writes \"eVALUEd is a HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) funded project, based at the University of Central England. It has been set-up to develop a transferable model for e-library evaluation and to provide dissemination and training in electronic library evaluation. The project commenced in December 2001 and will complete in May 2004.

    At this stage, we are conducting a survey to examine good practice in electronic library evaluation, which includes electronic information services, digital collections and virtual libraries.


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