Librarian's Book Club Selects Reading for June

Troy Johnson writes "The current book selections for the Librarian's Book Club are Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution and From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure : Access to Information in the Networked World. Additional details available at "

eBooks Corporation partners with the home of the www

k paulson writes "eBooks Corporation partners with the home of the world wide web to develop eBook Library

eBooks Corporation moves a step closer to achieving its goal of “Any book, anywhere”

Los Angeles, May 29th 2003

At Book Expo America today, eBooks Corporation announced that it is collaborating with leading international university and research libraries to develop an ebook lending platform. Ebook Library or ‘EBL’ is scheduled for release in select university and research libraries in September 2003 and will be officially launched in January 2004.

Alternative News for Progressive WV Librarians

Steve Fesenmaier wishes to announce:

"We have created a new list that is entitled: the ALT-LIBRARIANS-LIST, or 'Alternative News for Progressive WV Librarians'.

The ALT-LIBRARIANS-LIST is an open list providing an alternative for WV librarians who wish to stay abreast of events, issues, problems, opportunities and happenings in and around library life. Topics other than libraries will be discussed occasionally as members are encouraged to post
anything they want to share with their colleagues.

List etiquette is expected. Flaming is not tolerated. The list is designed to be used as a forum for free expression and constructive discussion.

Everyone's opinions will be respected. The list moderator reserves the right to remove anyone who abuses the list without prior warning. If you are interested in joining, you can subscribe yourself with the following instructions...." [for full instructions, see "Read Some More..." below.]

To join the list, go here.

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 3:7 (June 2003)

A new issue of Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large is now available: 3:7 (June 2003) (in PDF, as usual).
This 20-page issue includes:
* First Have Something to Say (chapter 1)
* Copyright Perspective: Super-DMCA
* Bibs & Blather
* Feedback: Your Insights
* Copyright Currents
* The Library Stuff - seven items
* Trends & Quick Takes - seven items
* Ebooks, Etext, & Print-on-Demand
* The Good Stuff - six items

There will not be another issue before ALA Annual. There\'s now an RSS Feed for the Cites front
page, courtesy of Steven Cohen.

Hot Picks @ your library calendar

Christine Sheppard writes "The Library Association of Alberta (LAA) has announced the publication of Hot Picks @ your library, a calendar designed to change the image of librarians - one month at a time!

Hot Picks @your library is a fund-raiser for the Library Association of Alberta and can be purchased for $15.00 from the Association’s website or from the Library Association of Alberta office.

Law and Technology News

Sabrina i. Pacifici writes " Law and technology news, updated weekdays, is now available on the
main page of Daily current awareness monitoring of issues that include privacy, Patriot Act and libraries, copyright and fair use, search engine news, knowledge management, and freedom of information.

New Online Database: AgeSource Worldwide

Charlotte Nusberg writes "I would like to call your attention to AgeSource Worldwide, a new online database produced by AARP and is searchable free of charge by going to: The AARP

AgeSource Worldwide describes clearinghouses, databases, libraries, directories, statistical resources, bibliographies and reading lists, texts, and Web “metasites” focused on aging or closely allied subjects. The topics covered range from Alzheimer's disease to wills and estate planning. AgeSource Worldwide includes more than 200 information resources in 24 countries—with 133 based in the United States alone. Most of the information resources are located in North America and Europe. "

September 11, 2001- Libraries Remember

Libraries Remember: On September 10 this year, the Bensenville Community Public Library District will close at 9:00 p.m. as usual. But then, at midnight, they will re-open, and will remain open for the 24 hours of September 11.

They invite the libraries of the United States to join them. They propose that libraries of every type, every size, and in every state, for those 24 hours, do business as usual: facilitate communication, foster citizenship, promote understanding, guarantee freedom of access to information, and above all on that particular day, stand with doors open wide as a remarkable symbol of our freedom.

Koha ILS a finalist for Trophees du Libre award

Pat Eyler writes "Koha, a free software ILS, has been selected as a finalist for a Trophees du Libre award. A press release is available at: "

You really need to try KOHA or any of the other Open Source Systems For Libraries.

LOC webcast: anarchists in the library

As part of the Library of Congress\' Luminary Lectures series on librarianship, author/scholar Siva Vaidhyanathan will present The Anarchist in the Library: The Moral Panics over Copyright and Free Speech
on Friday May 9th from 10:30-12:00 EST:

Peer-to-peer networks have existed as long as gossip and word-of-mouth advertising--but with the rise of electronic communication, they are suddenly coming into their own. and they are drawing the outlines of a battle for information that will determine much of the culture and politics of our century, from file-sharing websites like Gnutella to private edits of Star Wars to the neo-Nazi concept of \'leaderless resistance.\' On one side, trying to maintain control of information--and profits--are legislators, judges, cabinet officers, entertainment conglomerates, and multinational corporations. On the other side, trying to liberate information, are educators, computer programmers, civil libertarians, artists, consumers, and dissidents under all sorts of regimes. Vaidhyanathan draws upon examples ranging from ancient religions to open-source software to show how this battle will be one of the defining fault lines of twenty-first-century civilization. His radical and original explanation of the future of information is a warning shot that will mobilize anarchists and controllers alike.

Librarian's Book Club now has Blog.

Troy Johnson writes "The Librarian's Book Club now has a blog. Librarians that want to follow the discussion but not receive email via a list-serv can do so by reading the blog. A link to the blog can be found at the Librarian's Book Club website. "

It has no RSS Feed, however.

Free Online Webinar: “Email Newsletter Publishing

Bill Graves writes "Topica Offers Free Online Webinar: “Email Newsletter Publishing for Libraries”
Topica Inc., the leading provider of self-service email publishing solutions, today announced that it is offering a free, live online “webinar” entitled “Email Newsletter Publishing for Libraries.” The 45-minute webinar will be held May 15, at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. It is intended for library professionals who are looking for new ways to communicate with their community.

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 3:6 (May 2003)

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 3:6 (May 2003) is now available!!

This 20-page PDF issue includes:

* Perspective: Northwest Passages: From Juneau to Yakima
* Bibs & Blather: ALA's website and more
* The Library Stuff: nine items
* Scholarly Article Access (formerly The Access Puzzle): six items and a
set of quandaries
* Perspective: Grading the Home Pages: PC Magazine's Best 100
"Undiscovered" Sites for 2002
* Cheap Shots: two items
* The Good Stuff: five items

ALA joins library community in Iraq National Library

From the ALA Press Release:
"The American Library Association (ALA) today announced it has begun working with other members of the Heritage Emergency National Task Force – which includes the Library of Congress, the Institute for Museum and Library Services and various cultural organizations – to coordinate with efforts of the International Federation of Libraries and Institutions Association (IFLA) and UNESCO to respond to requests for assistance from colleagues in Iraq to help restore the National Library and Archive, Iraq’s principal Islamic library, and other important centers of learning in the cradle of civilization.

Version 48 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Charles W. Bailey, Jr writes: "Version 48 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
is now available. This selective bibliography presents over
1,850 articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources
that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
efforts on the Internet.

HTML and
Acrobat versions available.

The New York Times Librarian Awards Go National

Lisa Nguyen spotted this release.

"NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 8, 2003--The New York Times announced today the national expansion of the third annual New York Times Librarian Awards and issued an invitation to the public to nominate librarians at public libraries from anywhere in the U.S.

The awards honor librarians who provide outstanding community service on a consistent basis.

Librarian Pick-up lines T-Shirts!

Get'm While They're Hot!
The Reasons to be a Librarian t-shirt and Librarian Pick-up lines t-shirt.

Help support Kent's ALA/ALSSO student chapter while dressing in style!
Download an order form in HTML or PDF form. Be sure to mail by April 19.

Trans-US Tribute to Kenneth Koch Streamed Live

Rochelle Hartman writes "A 90-minute tribute to poet Kenneth Koch will be presented via streaming media on April 19. Featured poets include David Antin, Andrei Codrescu, Maria Damon, Kenward Elmslie, Roxi Hamilton, Anselm Hollo, Forrest Gander, Lisa Jarnot, Ron Padgett, Keith Taylor, and Anne Waldman.

Part I of the program is a round-robin, transcontinental reading of Koch's "Twenty Poems" from Days and Nights. Part II features the participants reading from their own works, from various locations around the US.

This high-tech/high-brow shindig was thrown together with the help of Internet2, several Internet2 campuses and the Naropa University Summer Writing Program. Details here.

Still got dial-up? You and your widespread pals can create your own transcontinental tribute and not feel left behind. Have everyone check out the same book, set up a conference call, and off you go for some National Poetry Month fun. "

Cites & Insights Spring 2003 available

It's time to read Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large, Spring 2003, v. 3, no. 5.

This 20-page issue includes:
* Bibs & Blather (why a Spring 2003 issue?)
* Copyright Special: The Broadcast Flag: Hollings Lite?
* Interesting and Peculiar Products (six items)
* Perspective: The Shifting Commons: Musings on Generalization
(What do Creative Commons, The Shifted Librarian, Elizabeth
Lane Lawley and Jonathan Rauch all have in common?)
* Copyright Currents
* Trends & Quick Takes: Changing times in print media & liblogs
* Feedback: Your Insights--lots of it (seven letters)

New issue of 'Learned Publishing' available

The April 2003 issue of Learned Publishing is available:

  • Document supply: the evolving needs of the library:
    Louise Watts
  • An international peer-review system for a Chinese scientific journal: Zhang Yuehong; Yuan Yachun; Jiang Yufei
  • A new framework for digital publishing decisions: Alastair Dryburgh
  • Copyright and the network:
    Mark Bide
  • Phoenix rising: new models for the research monograph?: Colin Steele
  • Seizing the moment: scientists' authorship rights in the digital age: Mark S. Frankel
  • Content management for journal publishers: Michael Upshall
  • BioOne: building a sustainable alternative publishing model for non-profit publishers: Heather Dalterio Joseph
  • Archiving - the full-text solution: an innovative way to electronic archiving: Alan Turner; Pippa Steele
  • E-journals: developing country access survey: Pippa Smart
  • Voluntary deposit of electronic publications: a learning experience: David J. Powell
  • Big Deal - good deal? Or is there a better deal?: Frederick J. Friend
  • Pages

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