How to Make Libraries More Exciting

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THE central branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia is an impressive building—its neoclassical facade looming over most of a block. But inside, though chandeliers still hang from the ceilings and the floors are of polished marble, there is a feeling of neglect. A musty taste hangs in the air; many of the books are rather battered. “The building opened in 1927 and we’ve really not touched it since then,” says Siobhan Reardon, the library’s president and director. “And you can tell.”

Meet Portland's "Street Librarian"

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This morning, Steve messaged me to tell me to look out the window, because "There's some weird rolling book thing down there." When I went down to investigate, I met Laura Moulton, who handed me a business card reading "Street Librarian," and explained that she recently received a RACC grant to fund a project called Street Books, a mobile library that provides books for the homeless.

A Digital Library Guru Discusses New Rules on Sharing Scientific Data

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Interview with Sayeed Choudhury of Johns Hopkins University on the recent change by the National Science Foundation requiring researchers to submit data-management plans with their grant proposals.

In the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read it here.

Proposed GOP Budget would Eliminate NEA and NEH

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Thu, 01/20/2011 - 16:37

At Slate, Dave Weigel breaks down the Republican Study Committee's proposal to cut $2.5 trillion from the federal budget over 10 years. Two points of interest for the arts: The RSC recommends cutting $167.5 million from both the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. That means cutting the entire fiscal year 2010 appropriation for both agencies.