Kmart Pulls Tabloid That Demonizes Martha Stewart!

The headlines in the lastest issue of The Globe offened Kmart Corp. execs: \"Mean Martha Stewart Exposed\" and \"Martha the Monster\" don\'t exactly jive with the aisles and aisles of Martha Stewart Living products in their stores.The Globe\'s source is an upcoming book titled Martha, Inc.More from the San Francisco Gate


Child sex book scandal triggers review of U of M publishing arm

The Star Tribune says in response to national criticism of \"Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex\" by Judith Levine, the University of Minnesota on Thursday announced an external review of its publishing department.

\"It takes a lot of courage for an individual or an institution to give voice to opinion and ideas where there is some disagreement,\" she said. \"And the press may have very well done that in this case. And this is what a university press needs to do . . . to allow the entertainment of controversy, but also thoughtful and civil debate around those ideas.\"

ABC News has another look at the book, as does NewsMax.

Always remember, if you don\'t like it, that means it\'s no good for anyone.


A worthwhile web regulation?

Someone sent in This NYTimes Story on the final arguments that were made in Philadelphia challenging the Children\'s Internet Protection Act of 2000.

This article says that CIPA is no more a threat to free speech than current regulations on television and radio, and the plaintiffs, along with the Supreme Court, are drawing the wrong analogy. Online content is much more like information in the broadcast media, which the Supreme Court ruled in 1978 can be regulated because of the \"pervasive\" nature of broadcasting.

Of course, a bit more From The ALA


Smart Librarians Save Stupid White Men

Madeline Douglass writes \"
Michael Moore on how librarians saved Stupid White Men...
(#1 on the New York Times Best Seller List)

\"This book is not coming out and we\'re going to pulp it...so anyway the next day I was speaking out at the New Jersey Public Citizen Action meeting and I told them the story
about that last night I got the word that this book isn\'t going to come out and I\'d like somebody to be able to read it.
I bought it with me.
I\'ll read a chapter. I read a chapter.
Apparently there was this librarian in the audience
(nobody I knew) who then went home and got into all the librarian chat rooms...where librarians secretly conspire with each other and she tells this story to all the librarians and then one of them writes this letter up and sends it to all these librarian listservs and websites and within days Harper Collins is being inudated with angry, angry hate mail from librarians...So I get this call from Harper Collins, \"What did you tell the librarians?\"

Listen to the Speech that celebrates the power
of librarians and individuals to make
a difference...

Listen to the Speech that will make George W. Bush wish that J. Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy were still alive...
at the
Commonwealth Club or a story at Salon.com\"

Salon also has a New Story on the book, that calls it \"factually challenged\". This article is Salon Premium content and only available to subscribers.


Gov\'t Web sites told to delete data

jen writes \"-In light of the letter from the Superintendent of Documents - it could be interesting times. GPO Announcement

The White House yesterday ordered all federal agencies
to scrub their Web sites of sensitive information on weapons
of mass destruction and other data that might be useful to
terrorists, The Washington Times has learned.
The move alarmed scientists and open-records advocates
because the government is withdrawing thousands of
documents that have been available to the public for years.
Washington Times Story \"


God Tells Teachers\' Prayer Group To Clean House

Bob Cox passed along This One from Russell County, KY, on a teachers\' prayer group that is involved in an effort to get dozens of books dealing with ghosts, cults and witchcraft reviewed for possible removal from the library at Russell County High School.

God revealed to the group that the presence of the books was one reason his \"manifested presence\" hadn\'t yet come to the school to change the hearts and minds of students, according to a letter from one member of the group.
The school has a policy under which people can complain about books. But it appears no one has used it in more than 20 years, so there is no committee in place to judge the complaints.

\"God spoke to my spirit that we must do HOUSE CLEANING!\" said the letter announcing the review request. \"As a Christian teacher in the public school, God has showed me that it is my responsibility to take a stand and lift my voice.\"


Teacher-initiated book banning controversy in Kent

Someon writes \"A Christian teachers\' group at Russell County High School, just a few miles from where I work, has presented a list of 50 books on witchcraft which they want removed from the RCHS library because it\'s preventing \"God from manifesting His presence at the school\" (which would personally scare the @&#^ out of me, since I\'d take it as an indicator that I was standing squarely on the Hellmouth!)! The school has proposed a board of review to evaulate their collection, which is total BS, since their media specialist has a Rank I (doctoral-level) certification!!!

_Lexington Herald-Leader_ story is Here It was run in the A section of the March 13 edition. \"


Teacher seeks ban on Guinness books

Bob Cox sent along This One on a teacher who is seeking to have recent editions of the famous world records book removed from a school district\'s elementary libraries.

Photos of women showing off the world\'s most valuable bikini or most expensive bra and panties are inappropriate for young pupils, Banting Elementary School teacher Mel Culver says.

\"It has come to my attention as a teacher at Banting that boys are asking to go to the library for the sole purpose of looking at these pictures. The news of them has spread like wildfire,\" Culver wrote in the complaint she filed with the district on Feb. 19. \"These pictures obviously are not enhancing their education nor are they enhancing the way they look at girls.\"


The File Room discussed

A story/thread on Slashdot entitled The
Futility of Censorship
is about a project called The File Room by an
artist named Antonio Muntadas, and how it shows (or
doesn\'t show) that the existence of the internet stands to
work against censorship. What The File Room is is an
archive of censored materials from around the world,
making them available to anyone who has (full) access to
the internet.


New laws to suppress academic research

Troll Boy passed along This One on Laws being introduced in the UK that would give the Government the power to see academic papers before they are published and suppress them. It could also prevent the use of e-mails between foreign colleagues.



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