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USNews: Librarians are the hot ticket

Jen Young spotted This USNews.com Article on finding a job in this rough market that says Librarians are the hot ticket, with a range of employers from rural elementary schools to top-notch research universities hunting for them.
They say first lady, and former librarian, Laura Bush announced last month that the president's 2004 budget will include $20 million to recruit and train the next generation of librarians. None of the money, however, will go to increase salaries, which average about $49,800 annually.

State library staff walk out

A Short Article from Australia says the staff at the State Library of Victoria plan to stage weekly walkouts until their bitter pay dispute is resolved.

The library's 400 staff will walk out at noon on Wednesday to march on the Melbourne office of Premier Steve Bracks.
The CPSU claims state library staff are paid considerably less than their counterparts in libraries run by local councils, universities and schools.

Library threat to sue striking staff

Charles Davis passed along
This One from Australia where the State Library of Victoria has threatened to sue employees who took part in a protest
rally during a two-day strike last week.

In a circular from management, staff were warned they could be sued or disciplined for taking
part in the protest outside the library last Tuesday.

\"Those who chose to participate are not immune from legal or disciplinary action if they are
involved in restricting or obstructing free entry into the library,\" the circular said.

Bell, Bowers battle it out as Atlanta library fights bias case

The Atlanta Journal Is Reporting on the battle over a multimillion-dollar jury verdict against the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System.
Seven white women who won a $23.4 million jury verdict a year ago against the library, its director and several board members. U.S. District Judge Beverly Martin in Atlanta later reduced the award to $16.8 million -- $3.5 million in compensatory damages and $13.3 million in punitive damages.
It could be several weeks, even months, before the appeals court issues its decision.

Some People Just Have Too Much Time

FastTracker pointed out this little blurb over at Forbes

\"Some People Just Have Too Much Time

On its kids-oriented Barbie Web site, Mattel posted a tongue-in-cheek poll about careers for the 43-year-old, 1-billion-copy teenager doll. Adults took this seriously. Librarians, for example, put messages on Internet trade message boards urging colleagues to vote for their profession over, say, architect or cop.\"

Libraries and disabilities

CILIP (previously the UK Library Association and
Institute of Information Scientists) has just released a
briefing paper on the employment of people with
disabilities in library and information services. This is
the latest in a series of guidelines on equal
opportunities issues relating to the library and
information world.

Demand Explodes for Librarians With High-Tech Skills

Xuening writes "The technology revolution has changed the way librarians work. Today, they’re hired as high-tech wizards to navigate the Internet, establish Intranets, search databases and classify information. As information becomes more accessible to employees, the need for computer-savvy special librarians with stellar research skills is growing rapidly, say recruiters.

Full Story "

California\'s librarians are long overdue for a raise

Maurice J. Freedman and Anne M. Turner have a Nice One in the Sacramento Bee, where they say they hope to make some history by focusing on raising our salaries.

\"Californians cannot continue to claim they value libraries while underpaying the staff. Today, we serve more people than ever for less than the cost of one hardcover novel per capita -- divide the state\'s library budgets by the number of people served and the answer is $25. In a state with some of the nation\'s highest housing costs, California\'s library workers cannot continue to live on love alone -- just ask our landlords.\"

Un-paid position-Library Director

Thanks to Geraldine, and Steven who both passed along This Link to an unpaid library director position out in OR.
It seems to be quite bothersome to some people, due to the lengthy job description, and low (no) pay.
I don't know what the normal pay is in North Plains, OR, could it be an all volunteer library?

Sommelier pleases patrons

Some time ago, a discussion somewhere got me thinking that sommelier and librarian are similar jobs in many ways. (Maybe I heard someone actually say that. I don\'t recall.) This interview with a young sommelier (free registration may be required) in the Chicago Tribune got me thinking that again.

"Q. How does one prepare to be a sommelier?

A. Lots of reading. You have to read every book and magazine you can get your hands on. ..."


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