Getting Paid: With Harlan Ellison

Submitted by Great Western Dragon on Sat, 05/30/2009 - 08:33

When it comes to science fiction, Harlan Ellison is a living legend who wrote, and fought, his way to the top. He's known for being abrasive, cantankerous, and he's just as well known for being proud of that assessment. This is a man who not only sued AOL and the guy who posted his stories on AOL without authorization, his lawsuit was successful.

Video Series: Lane Smith demonstrates his illustration process & shares thoughts about the KidLitosphere

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Sun, 04/05/2009 - 14:08

Author/Illustrator Lane Smith walks us through his thought process and style decisions for two soon-to-be-publishsed picture books:
- Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated) with Florence Parry Heide due out September 22, 2009; and
- The Big Elephant in the Room due out July 7, 2009.

and shares insight on the publishing industries view of online book enthusiasts.

Bloggers and podcasters take note of the interview segment with Lane during the end credits!

Lane Smith Video Documentary (part 1 of 3) Released Today

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Wed, 04/01/2009 - 22:16

The first of three videos documenting the JustOneMoreBook Podcast crew's weekend in the home and studio of Lane Smith and Molly Leach has been published (April 2, 2009) at:

In this 15 minute online documentary, Lane shows off original artwork from The Stinky Cheese Man, describes the production process for The Happy Hocky Family books, shares his passion for children’s books — old and new — and compares traditional collage with digital collage.

Library Bill of Rights for Gamers?

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 13:09

When asked, "As a gamer, what should I expect from my library? – and if they aren’t meeting my expectations is there anything I can do about it?" Information Goddess Beth Gallaway answered, "Games are information and stories, conveyed in an interactive digital format, and thoroughly legitimate. Gamers should expect librarians to treat games like any other material in the library."

In the full interview, Gallaway describes the current relationship between gamers and libraries and explains what both sides need to do to make gaming in libraries work.

Do the 4 million US children and teens suffering from mental illness see themselves in books?

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Tue, 03/03/2009 - 01:36

Most people are likely to pretend that mental and emotional health issues do not affect them or their loved ones. Yet, whether you’re prepared to admit it or not, mental and emotional health problems do exist in children.

Kim Hix wrote the book No One is Perfect and YOU Are a Great Kid as a gift to her son, Zack, who struggles with ever changing moods, severe anxiety and Tourettes Disorder. He was diagnosed at age four. He’s now thirteen.

The New, Tech-Savvy Librarian

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Sun, 02/01/2009 - 18:18

People often picture librarians as the stiff, grey-haired stereotype wearing horned-rimmed glasses and a bun -- and shushing people. Many librarians, however, are on the cutting edge of the coolest of media tools. Today's librarians have embraced some incredible new technologies to spread a love of reading and to promote their craft.

Conversation with "Lady Liberty: A Biography" illustrator, Matt Tavares

Submitted by Blake Carver (not verified) on Sun, 02/01/2009 - 17:17

Matt Tavares, illustrator extraordinaire, talks about turning his senior thesis into his first published book, the ageless appeal of baseball stories and a kindergarten teacher who fostered his passion for art.

Listen in on the chat here on the Just One More Book podcast.

[Black] Friday is the National Day of Listening

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It doesn't have to be a day of frenzied shopping...

David Isay, one of the most original minds in media, is the creator of Story Corps, the nationwide project that gets ordinary people to sit together and tell the stories that we never take the time to hear from our parents, grandparents, friends and other loved ones. Some of those stories end up on NPR, and some are just recorded for a family's own safekeeping.