Computers in Libraries Make Moral Judgments, Selectively

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 03/10/2003 - 12:56

This NYTimes Story was submitted a few times so far today.
The Author says software will never be able to wholly
reproduce human linguistic and perceptual capacities,
much less distinguish between a Playboy calendar and
an Edward Weston nude, or between "Tropic of
Cancer" and "Trailer Park Swappers."
"Librarians can help people find their way
through the forest of the Web — which is one good
reason for asking public libraries to serve as the

Sex, the Constitution and the Net

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 03/06/2003 - 09:42

CNET has an Interview With Judith Krug.
Declan McCullagh asks her about filtering trends, the courts, and what she would do if she was running a library right now. She says:
"Given who I am and what I believe, I'd do anything and everything I had to do so that people I was serving got the information they wanted. I wouldn't have a filter anywhere near my library."

Supreme Court Considers Web Porn Filter Case

Submitted by Blake on Wed, 03/05/2003 - 16:38

ABC News is one of many places to have something on today\'s Children\'s Internet Protection Act hearing at the Supreme Court. Scalia said librarians commonly block many Internet functions, such as chat rooms and e-mail, which lead him to wonder if they were public forums after all.
A bit more Here, and Here, but there\'s not much online yet.

Supreme Court Looks At Porn In Libraries.

Submitted by Hermit on Wed, 03/05/2003 - 09:04

The US Supreme Court
is hearing oral arguments today (2003/03/05) concerning CIPA,
the Children\'s
Internet Protection Act
, as to whether or not library patrons will
be allowed discretion as to what they view on Internet enabled library
computers.  The bill forces the use of filtering
on any public library that accepts federal money.  The
filters are supposed to eliminate minor\'s exposure to full
frontal nudity
and other obscene
, unfortunately, filters

Case tests Congress' ability to make libraries block porn

Submitted by Steven on Tue, 03/04/2003 - 13:43

When a special U.S. court was considering whether Congress may require public libraries to put filters on their computers to block sexually explicit Web sites, it heeded testimony from young library patrons.""Emmalyn Rood of Portland, Ore., used a computer at a local library to find information on lesbian issues when she was in her early teens and questioning her sexual orientation.

Net Nanny a part-time supervisor, says report

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 03/04/2003 - 09:53

News From Australia where they say Net Nanny 4.0, the internet filter provided by the three largest Australian service providers, is so ineffective it is about to be ditched by the Australian Broadcasting Authority due to its high failure rate. According to tests conducted by the CSIRO, Net Nanny 4.0 failed 38 per cent of the time, Cyber Sentinel failed more than half of the time (53 per cent).

Firms Argue Against Allowing Decryption Of Porn Filters

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 02/24/2003 - 18:53

\"Chastity Comstock\" sent over this blurb from as part of an article [Subscription Required] from National Journal’s Technology Daily
\"Officials with companies that make Internet filters argued on Thursday that the Library of Congress\' Copyright Office should not let researchers decrypt the lists of pornographic and other Web sites blocked by the companies\' filters.