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Fans outraged by sexy, blonde ‘Anne of Green Gables’ cover

A bit of a kerfluffle at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the new cover to an old classic.

“Montgomery’s iconic Anne is a high-spirited redhead with freckles and a pointed chin, whereas this new Anne is a languid blond with dark roots, a round face and a come-hither look,” said Irene Gammel, a Montgomery expert

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The Ideal Bookshelf

I came across the site of a woman who paints sets of books as one might paint a portrait. You send her a list of books and she paints them as books on a shelf. I thought it was a clever idea and one that might appeal to booklovers and people who read this blog.

As a disclaimer, I don't know this woman and haven't seen any of her work (except on her website) but I thought her idea was fun and wanted to share it. Judge for yourself.