Librarians would shelve Patriot Act

My SA has a piece about the popular "Radical Militant Librarian" button that ALA has been selling in response to the FBI calling librarians that in e-mail correspondence.

"I saw it and I couldn't resist," Krug said of the librarian-slam-turned-money-making button. "The head of our store said it was the fastest-selling button he's ever seen. They were flying off the shelves."

Proceeds from the buttons, which cost between $1.25 and $2, depending on the number purchased, go to the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom."

"Krug acknowledged the buttons fly in the face of conventional stereotypes of librarians."


Author Codrescu, at President's Program, Slams ALA's Cuba Stance

Library Journal has a story titled "Author Codrescu, at President's Program, Slams ALA's Cuba Stance" Codrescu grew up in Communist Romania and is a commentator on NPR.


ALA intros "Radical, Militant Librarian" buttons

mdoneil writes "The ALA changed the home page recently and the top news item is their introduction of a button.

That sure champions the cause of libraries and librarians. Lets make librarians more of a fringe group than they already are. Rather than a shushing Nancy Pearl, lets all become Abbie Hoffman.

I don't know about anyone else but I am not a radical militant librarian. I am a patron serving, responsible librarian.
When will the ALA ever learn to stick to its core mission as expressed in the original charter?"


Massachusetts Booksellers & Librarians Work Together to Build Bridges

A coalition of bookstores and libraries in Western Massachusetts have joined together to form a new year-long program, Books Building Bridges , to promote literacy, education and libraries both in the U.S and Iraq. Many events are planned and more participants are sought ( get involved ).

Their first event, "Learning in a Time of War" is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29 at the Northampton Center for the Arts at 7:00. Professor Safaa Al-Hamdani, founder of Books for Baghdad will be among the guest speakers; director of the Jones Library in Amherst MA, Bonnie Isman will facilitate.


ALA Council Survey

Michael McGrorty has posted an ALA Council Survey. to determine the preferences of librarians, library workers and other interested parties in the activities of the Council of the American Library Association. Toward this end, participants will be asked to make choices from lists of possible answers. The creator of this survey does not claim that the questions contain or represent all the interests or activities, or even all aspects of any particular interest, of the ALA, its Council, or of individual Councilors.


The next ALA president

Grumpy Librarian writes "ALA has announced the two candidates for ALA president:

Loriene Roy, professor at the University of Texas at Austin's School of Information; and

William Crowe, who heads the University of Kansas' (KU) Kenneth Spencer Research Library

Anyone have opinions on either of these?"

We used to run interviews with the candidates every year, if there's any interest out there in LISLand we could do that again this year.


ALA Launches Adopt-a-Library

Great news from ALA today:

To help the libraries in the Gulf region that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the American Library Association has set up an ‘Adopt a Library Program.’ The program provides an opportunity for libraries of all types in the US to provide assistance to the libraries in need.

Support may come in many ways (books, computers, fundraising, volunteers, etc.)


Office READ posters

There is a blog entry at called Office READ posters that is about ALA READ Posters that have been up in the offices.


"Common Threads" in Florida Libraries

Kathleen writes "Derrie Perez, past-president of the Florida Library Association and Dean of the Library System at the University of South Florida announces that a special edition of Florida Libraries , " Common Threads : Highlighting Collaborations Between Florida Libraries and Museums and Other Cultural Organizations" is on the FLA website."


New American Library Association president sets priorities for his 2005-06 term

Fresno State News reports that Michael Gorman will be doing more than picking on bloggers, laughing at the PATRIOT ACT and dismissing technology over the next year. Last week's Lehrer News Hour was first – but won’t be the last – media spotlight on Gorman. He also has met with journalists and editors of Governing magazine, the McClatchy Group of newspapers, the Washington Post, the Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today and Cox newspapers to discuss, among other things, the USA Patriot Act, reading and literacy, the library as space, and digitization projects.
They say as president he's very concerned about the situation of school libraries. Another priority is improving librarian education, specifically "whether there will be an adequate supply of new librarians to replace those of my generation as we retire."
Note To Boomers: The world will continue to spin when you're gone. We'll miss your stories about Woodstock, J.F.K., and what it was like when you went to library school, but we'll somehow manage to keep those libraries open without you.



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