Gorman: Yipping and Yawping to the End

Karen Schneider has an interesting Post Over At FRL where she points out Michael Gorman's column in the May issue of American Libraries (which apparently can't be read online). She writes: "Soon, deliciously soon Gorman will be an ALA past-president, and then the New York Times will call Leslie Burger when they want a sound-bite on the state of things informational. Oh tasty future!"Some interesting comments including one from David King who sums up my reason for not being part of ALA: "Honestly, one of the reasons I'm not a member of ALA is because of people like Gorman." I'm out numbered 3506 to one, I don't believe if I joined I'd make any difference. Update: 05/09 00:09 GMT by B :librarianscott points out Actually you can read his columns on the web (in PDF format). They're on his web site.


Librarians to sever ties with scouts?

Story at World Net Daily by Walter Skold:

A renewed effort by several members of the American Library Association's governing council would sever all ties with the Boy Scouts of America until the youth organization stops "discriminating" against avowed atheists and homosexuals.

In 1998, the governing council of the ALA, the world's largest library organization, condemned the Boy Scouts over its policies, but a WorldNetDaily investigation reveals activists quietly are planning to take action at the association's annual convention in June.


NMRT Conference Mentoring Program now taking applications

For those of you going to New Orleans, the New Members Round Table (NMRT) Mentoring Committee is once again seeking participants for their Conference Mentoring Program at the ALA Annual Conference in June!

Make Your Own (legit) READ Poster & Win $100

Maybe you caught This Post from a couple weeks ago on a Flickr Pool Of Unofficial READ Posters. Mary Mackay from over at the ALA did, and she sent in this:

Making READ posters is really popular, and people come up with some great ideas. It sounds as though not everyone has discovered the two READ CDs that are published by ALA Graphics. The CDs provide all the
tools you need to create the posters--and also make you legit since the CDs include permission to use the trademarked concept. For the creative types who want to find out more, here's the link.

And a bonus . . . For an easy library or school project, simply send in any READ poster you have created using the READ CD 2 and you could win a $100 gift certificate from ALA Graphics and be featured in American Libraries magazine. Your READ poster can feature patrons, staff, students, teachers, or (of course) yourself. Submissions are due by May
31, 2006. For more information, please visit This Page @ The ALA Store.

The CD contains several pre-designed READ posters and bookmarks as well as a selection of backgrounds and type styles so you can create your own. It ain't cheap, but it is the way to create legit posters.


ALA and New Orleans

Leslie Burger is back from her quick trip to New Orleans along with Michael Gorman, Keith Fiels, Diedre Ross and Deborah Bloom. She says it appears from what they all saw that the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau along with the hotels are well prepared for the big conference. The Convention Center will be completely refurbished by the time of the conference. They also met with the asst. director of Public Health who reassured them about the city's capacity to handle emergency services.

SC Church and Synagogue Librarian Association established

The Columbia Star Notes The South Carolina Church and Synagogue Librarians have established a state chapter affiliated with the Church and Synagogue Library Association, a national association with its home office in Portland, Oregon. Dani Erway, East Cooper Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, was chosen to serve as the newly-formed organization's first president.


Young Librarians - The ALA Swings and Misses?

MJG writes "Dorothea Salo, author of the Caveat Lector blog, adds to the continuing discussion of ALA's relevance to librarians of Generations X and Y:

Yes, it is assuredly a problem that ALA is a behemoth without a welcoming public face. My fear, though, is that we'll get a shiny makeover of the public face without the slightest attention to more substantive issues. ALA needs to be more than Librarian Kaffeeklatsch Central, and no, the lobbying arm (which, I note with annoyance, has barely noticed the CURES Act) is not enough to grant relevance.

If ALA is smart, ALA will see the writing on the wall too. Librarians are finding valuable and congenial ways to network that have nothing whatever to do with ALA. Being Librarian Kaffeeklatsch Central will be less and less a draw as time passes. ALA will have no choice but to do more and look deeper if it wants to capture Gen-X and Millennial librarians.

Read the full article."


C-Span Today!: Codrescu AND Book Club

Yes, you'll want to clear your calendar for Satuday February 18 for an afternoon of riveting viewing on C-Span 2's BookTV. FOCL submitted information about the ALA President's program featuring the much talked-about "mugging" of Michael Gorman by Andrei Codrescu who pulled Cuba out from behind his back and used it, iron-skillet style, to clobber and stun not only Gorman, but those in attendance.

But, never mind that. The real excitement comes before that, at 2pm CST, when the Bloomington (IL) Public Library Books & Bites non-fiction bookclub struts its stuff in a recorded discussion of Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel & Dimed. While I did not attend, it was widely reported that the discussion got a little racy!

I hope to have a drinking game ready for this double-header. Stay tuned!

Update: 02/18 17:55 GMT by B :steve fesenmaier pointed out either the schedule changed or we got it wrong, BookTV says Codrescu is on today at 5:45 eastern. I just checked my TV and that's what's listed.

"We would be better off without these polls"

mdoneil writes "Not us here at where we have wonderful polls, but at the ALA. The quote "We would be better off without these polls," is by Michael Gorman regarding the 75% of the respondents to a recent poll at AL Direct that urged the ALA to condem Cuba.
The quote was from a Wall Street Journal article from Friday's edition entitled "Madame Librarian" (on page W11) A link to the fee based article is here. It is also available online from several vendors for those with electronic access.
This is not the kind of press the profession needs, yet it will be the kind of press we will get until get rid of Gorman and those that think as he does.
The last line of the article certainly gives us each as librarians, and the ALA as a whole, something to think about: "All something to remember in March, or any time the ALA next tells us that, on issues of freedom, librarians know best.""


Good summary of ALA President's program

Daniel writes "The subscription-worthy blog from the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) has what appears to be an excellent summary of the ALA President's Program with Michael Gorman, Bill Johnson, and Andrei Codrescu. This might provide some additional context for GregS' recent post Am I dreaming?. From the summarized remarks, I think Codrescu makes a good case on behalf of Cuba's informal librarians. The whole "but are they really librarians?" thread troubles me some. Whether or not they are professional librarians, are they not people who wish to share books and other information that the Cuban gov't doesn't approve of? Isn't intellectual freedom a worthy enough goal to defend without needing professional librarians? I recommend this LITA post because it also talks about the rest of the program, which seems worthwhile. I recommend the LITA blog because it's always interesting even if some of it is over my head."



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