ALA's Got Wireframes

ALA has been in the process of redesigning their website for a while now. They did a Usability Assessment Report (pdf) at the end of last year. Now, Rob Carlson, ALA's Manager for Web Development, has just posted a link to wireframes for the new site. He's also posted a link to an online survey for user feedback.

Carlson cautiones that the wireframes are just "rough early sketches" without the visual detail or content of the finished site. They're there to give you an idea of where things are heading and how they'll be arranged. With that in mind, have a look yourself. The survey runs till the end of the month.

You can find out more about ALA's Website Redesign Project by going to the ALA Web Planning Wiki.


Social Respinsibilities Round Table Counting Some Out Of Recognition

Greg calls it ALA Election Fraud: The Social Responsibilities Round Table sent out a postcard of SRRT candidates for the election and left his name off, deliberately. He says the person who sent them, told him they "could not in good conscience play any role in votes being cast for you by anyone who is unaware of your hostility toward everything that SRRT stands for."
Greg says the money for these mailings comes from ALA.


ALA's custom search engine

rteeter writes "The American Library Association is experimenting with a Google custom search engine called the Librarian's E-Library. (Found via"

An interview with the ALA president

Jennifer Potter, president of the University at Buffalo chapter of ALA, had a chance to ask Leslie Burger, President of ALA, about her meeting with UB Provost Satish Tripathi and Interim Dean Lucinda M. Finley, in which they discussed the controversial decision to close the School of Informatics. In this recorded interview, Leslie reports a productive meeting that promised a bright future for the UB MLS program. Leslie also gives this advice to soon-to-graduate students: "Students need to be passionate about what they want to do. They need to create the change they want to see."

ALA's Website Survey

Anonymous Patron wrote in about an e-mail sent by ALA to its members a mere three and a half years since their site was redesigned:

We are currently conducting a usability assessment of our ALA website. This assessment is designed to take a very thorough look at the website, its problems and strengths, in order to guide ongoing improvements, development, and redesign.

You can connect to the survey here. Maybe this page would be the best place to start the rebuild?

IA Institute Board of Directors: Call for Nominations

The Information Architecture Institute seeks nominations for members to serve on the 2006-2007 IAI Board of Directors. There are seven members of the Board of Directors and four open positions for this board term. Nominations are being acceped until August 31, with the election following in September. If you are interested in serving on the Board, you may nominate yourself, or if you know someone who you think will be an asset to the organization, you may nominate that person. Please contact membership AT for more information or a link to the nomination form.
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Google's ALA 2006 Wrap-up and "Tips of the Trade"

A few weeks ago Google had the pleasure of meeting many librarians at the American Library Association's annual conference in New Orleans. They say it was gratifying to be part of the city's renaissance as a hub for gatherings like this one, and to share that historic experience with nearly 17,000 librarians who flew in from all across the country to share ideas and learn from one another.

They brought along a camera crew to capture some of the excitement, and they're sending this special ALA dispatch so that even if you weren't able to attend, you can get a taste of the experience.

Leslie Burger starts her term as president of national association

Libraries transform communities.
That is the theme Princeton Public Library Director Leslie Burger plans to put to work during her year as president of the American Library Association.
Inaugurated as the 2006-2007 president on June 27 at the ALA conference in New Orleans, Ms. Burger said she is excited about the opportunity to head the 64,000-member organization.
"It's clearly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," she said.
Last year, Ms. Burger prevailed over Christine Lind Hage, director of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library in Clinton Township, Mich., in the nationwide balloting for ALA president-elect. In assuming the presidency, Ms. Burger's primary responsibilities will include presiding over the year's four meetings as well as acting as a spokeswoman for the organization. Other duties remain to be seen, Ms. Burger said.


Canadian Library Association Election Results

Anonymous Patron writes "The results of the 2006 Canadian Library Association Elections are in!
Elected are:

  • Alvin Schrader, professor at the School of Library and Information Science, University of Alberta, was elected Vice-President/President-Elect.
  • Terri Tomchyshyn, head of library information services at the Department of National Defence in Ottawa, was elected
    Treasurer for a three-year term.
  • The new Councillor-at-Large will be Shelagh Paterson of the CNIB Library in Toronto.

More details on the CLA Web site."


Michael Gorman alienates and divides our profession

It may be obvious to most LISNewsterz, but Sarah Houghton says Michael Gorman alienates and divides our profession: "Gorman words in our national association's publication are elitist, exclusionary, and condescending to so very many in our profession. He shames us. He shames the profession."


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