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Dr. Laura "compelling advocate for children"

On Powell's Books, Caitlin Flanagan reviews Dr. Laura Schlessinger's latest title, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. Though far from an apologia (first line: "She's a fishwife and a bit of a kook, a woman given to comically dramatic changes of heart and habit...".) the review does give her points for her strict belief that divorced parents should continue to live close together and participate in the raising of their children.


Video killed the radio star

Someone writes \"Dr. Laura\" TV show got canceled

Salon has a Story \"

If you ever saw the show, this shouldn\'t be a suprise. She was boring and offensive at the same time.


Dr. Laura Offers Apology

The Buffalo News was one of many sites with this.
It seems Dr. Laura Schlessinger has offered up an Apology.

\"On the Day of Atonement, Jews are commanded to seek forgiveness from people we have hurt,\" the radio and TV talk show host, who is Jewish, said in a newspaper ad. \"I deeply regret the hurt this situation has caused the gay and lesbian community.\"

Though David Hinckley Says too little, too late. \"Laura Schlessinger once again blames others for the impact of her rhetoric, refusing to take responsibility for her precisely chosen, scientifically inaccurate descriptions of gay and lesbian lives.\"


A \'nay\' ballot for Dr. Laura on Television

MSN Entertainment was one of the places with this Story. The Dr. Laura TV show has been canned in Canada due to low ratings.

\"\"Our audience has voted and, unfortunately, they\'ve cast a \'nay\' ballot for Dr. Laura on television,\" says Roy Gardner, a vice president of programming for CanWest Global Communications. \"The latter part of the afternoon is very important to us because it forms the lead-up to our evening news programming, and Dr. Laura just isn\'t delivering the viewers.\" \"


Show Being Retooled

Dr. Laura Schlessinger\'s new television show is ailing.

The \"Dr. Laura\" syndicated talk show has drawn low ratings and protests from gay activists, and now production has been stopped for a week, officials said.

Show spokeswoman Linda Lipman said the move was part of a pre-planned hiatus. But it is surprising because the show premiered only last week.

The break will give Paramount a chance to retool the daytime show, according to Friday\'s Los Angeles Times and the New York Post.

From AP


Dear Dr. Laura ...

Brian writes \"Friday was my day off, so I watched Dr. Laura\'s TV show about pornbraries. My impression is that she\'ll get cancelled fairly quickly in many markets; she doesn\'t have much of a TV presence, sighing and hmmphing around the set like a little kid. (I could be wrong: I didn\'t think Conan would stay on the air after I saw him shaking his way through his monologues at the beginning.) The big revelation was that an e-mail address was given out on the air: [email protected]. I noticed a bit of misinformation given on the show and on the Web-based Dr. Laura Activism Center she plugged, so I sent a note encouraging her to go do the right thing and take a moral stand for truth:

Read on for the letter...


Report from Robert Willard On Dr. Laura

Cathy Gilletter was kind enough to send along an email
from Robert S. Willard, Executive Director National
Commission on Libraries and Information Science. He
was on the \"Lewd Libraries\" show on Friday,
and has more than
a few things to say about his experiences.

From: \"Bob Willard\"
This week marks the
premiere of the syndicated
television show hosted by
Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The program dealing with
libraries, and
specifically access to inappropriate material on the
Internet by
will air this Friday (9/15). The show is placed in different
time slots
different cities; a locator is at
identifies the broadcast time in all cities where the
show is broadcast.
am disappointed to report that the name chosen for this
particular show
\"Lewd Libraries.\"

I participated in the show and I thought I would share
my impressions
the whole process.


Quotes from Lewd Libraries

Dr. Laura’s big “LEWD LIBRARIES” show is over. Both sides made some good points, but there was not much new offered, and it was rather boring as far as talk shows go. I pulled out some quotes from both sides, for those of you who can’t or won’t watch the show. I was supreised The ALA declined to go on the show.

Dr. Laura-
“I would be first online with the sign to oppose censorship in the library ”


Dr. Laura in the Library

Dr. Laura\'s show (The Friday, September 15, 2000 \"LEWD LIBRARIES\") was recently filmed at the Denver Public Library. You can find out if the show airs in your neck of the woods Here

\"Library officials said Tuesday that the show taped a 15-year-old girl using a computer at the library to access pornographic Web sites. The youngster also checked out an R-rated video.

Library spokewoman Anya Breitenbach said library officials declined an invitation to appear on the show. \"We felt it was a set-up, and we weren\'t interested.\"

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