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Frank Ryan writes \"Here is a good story - and a true

A consultant colleague who specialised in thesaurus
construction was at a party. She was button-holed by an IT
\"techie\" who was very keen to make an impression. In the
course of their conversation he realised that what they
had in common was \"databases\". He described at length a
database of internal documents that he and his colleagues
had constructed and how after a few thousand records they
started to add \"tags\" to the records i.e. specific
words describing their content.

At this point my colleague interrupted and said \"Oh, you
mean a thesaurus of controlled terms\".
The downcast
techie replied \"Has this been done before\"?


Hackers had Gates credit card data

I know it\'s not exactly funny, or exactly relevant, but is reporting that A teenager arrested in Wales for allegedly hacking into e-commerce Web sites obtained the credit card details of Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and the world\'s richest man. You can read the full story Here


Librarian Sing Along

Diane M. O\'Keefe a librarian at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in MI sent in this wonderful song parody.

I am the very model of computerized Librarian.

I seek out information zoologic to agrarian.

I know each subject that is found in an encyclopedia

I handle every AV tool and every type of media.

My online databases can locate each journal article.

In physics texts, I can define each elemental particle.

In atlases and online maps, I find the way to Timbuktu.

Identify each capital from Bogota to Katmandu.

It goes on......


Thwart Not The Librarian

Bob Cox sent in this \"Cooooool\" link. You may have seen the \"Why you should fall to your knees and worship a librarian\", but now you can Buy The TShirt too.

\"Ok, sure. We\'ve all got our little preconceived notions about what ibrarians are and what they do. Many people think of them as diminutive civil servants, scuttling about \"Sssh-ing\" people and stamping things. Well, think again buster.\"


Library of Congress Preinstalled

Super alert reader Bob Cox sends in This Link to a funny cartoon.


The funny side of censorship

I\'ve been waiting a long time for a story from The

Nation\'s Teens Disappointed by Banned Books

Huckleberry Finn, Slaughterhouse Five, and The Catcher In The Rye are just a few of the many banned books to which U.S. teens are reacting with disappointment, the American Library Association reported Monday.

\"I was really psyched to read Huck Finn when my English teacher told me it was banned, because I figured, you know, it would be dirty,\" said Joshua Appel, a sophomore at Rocky Mount (VA) High School and one of 14,000 teenagers recently surveyed by the ALA. \"But it was totally lame: There was no sex or violence or anything. They say \'nigger\' in it, but I can hear that on half my CDs.\"


NOT Viewing Pornography

From The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

\"A Story on Page B1 Sunday on the use of Sonoma County library computers by patrons to view pornography incorrectly described the use of a computer at the Petaluma library by Jim Trumbel of Sonoma. He was not using it to view pornography on the internet. The word NOT was inadvertantly left out of the story.


Great editorial cartoon from Tom Tolls

The November 16, 1999 Tom Tolls Editorial Cartoon HERE is a must see!



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