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Charlie Brown and his authenticity

Everyone loves Charlie Brown worldwide. Take a listen to this NPR weekend edition on just why people have fallen in love with lovable hero.

Librarians show off their moves

Here's an <a href="">Article in the Cape Cod Times</a> about the Book Cart Drill Team competition at the Mass. Library Association annual conference in Falmouth.

Free comic book day!

A Modest Proposal: First, close all of the school libraries

A Modest Proposal I think we can all get behind:

First, close all of the school libraries. They are filled with books that can be found in our Port Washington library. As you are well aware, the Port Washington Library is considered one of the best on Long Island. Why not put it to better use? By closing our school libraries, we would be saving the cost of updating the resources that are used by our children (not to mention the salaries of the librarians and support staff) and the children would still have access to our local library. So what if we would have to drive them there, spend time waiting while they do their work and drive them home. The savings would far outweigh the inconvenience.

Baby Got Book...Little in the middle but she got much book

Baby Got Book: Inspired by a shirt on ShelfTalker, Cheryl Klein wrote new lyrics for classic Sir Mix-A-Lot...

I like big books and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an big fat book
And glasses on her face
You're all thrilled, wanna talk to her quick
Cause you notice she's reading Dickens
Deep in the tote she's carrying
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring

How to Dial a Phone, circa 1930s

For all you whippersnappers out there who never had the experience, here's <A HREF="">a video primer on how to use a rotary dial telephone.</A> Produced by Big Brother ... I mean, the telephone company ... in the 1930s, the film explained the dial tone and busy signal to consumers used to having the operator connect their calls. From the Retro Futurism post at <A HREF=""></A>

Tired of Twitter?

Are you tired of reading banal BS on Twitter?

Or maybe, just maybe, does it scare you that so many people Twitter the most personal things?

Well it scares Tycho too. And today's Penny Arcade tackles the topic of Twittering when it goes a little too far.

Warning: Language is not for the easily offended. Regardless, it's still hilarious.

New From Unshelved: Frequently Asked Questions: The Book

Bill Is both thrilled and relieved to announce that our sixth collection Frequently Asked Questions is at the printers now and available today for preorder.

This is a good one. The cover features perhaps the finest turban ever drawn. Inside, as you might expect, is what you came for -- a year's worth of Unshelved daily strips, Book Clubs, and Conference Tips at a sparkling 600dpi in black, white, and color. If you preorder your copy of Frequently Asked Questions by May 31 we will sign your book and Bill will sketch a character in it. We'll also sign any other books you purchase with it.

Ellen Blogs about Librarians

"Today I’d like to talk about librarians. I don’t know how many of them watch my show. If they do, they probably watch my show while reading or working on the Dewey Decimal System. They probably don’t watch much TV at all. They just wait for the transcripts. If they do watch the show, they probably keep the sound turned down and put their fingers up to their mouths and say, “Shhhhhhhh” every time the audience laughs." From <a href="">My Thought...And I Do Have One</a>.

Harry Potter and the Wardrobe Malfunction

Okay, so it's not Friday and I'll not post this under the Friday Funnies topic. Besides, there's nothing funny about J. K. Rowling suffering a "wardrobe malfunction" at some kind of red carpet extravaganza because she wore a dress with a low neckline which was utterly incapable of containing her breasts.

It's also not funny that her agent gallantly leapt into action to protect the modesty of a woman who is far richer than the queen of her country. And it's not funny that he did so by valiantly grabbing and, um, manually containing the (ahem) offending breast.

It's not funny.

It's hilarious.

Shall we schadenfreude? (pictures are SFW)

Beautify Your Barcodes

Does your library use barcodes?

Sure, most of 'em do! Even those making the move to RFID tend to keep the barcodes around for a little while, if not indefinitely. But barcodes are bland, boring, banal, and blah. So why not do something different?

Get creative with your barcodes and turn them into little artistic masterpieces!

Dr. Suess is ticked off

Our friends over at The Onion have printed a new Dr. Suess poem, where he <a href="">chastises Hollywood for making films from his books</a>.

Library Reorganization and Media Relations Consultants

Found this one over on Publib:

Phyllis Christenson Consultants, Inc. is seeking qualified librarians to fill consultancy vacancies nationwide. P.C. Consultants, a newly-formed consulting firm specializing in media relations during library reorganizations, is uniquely positioned to influence local media outlets in situations of budget constraints on behalf of library directors. By leveraging common assumptions about the different requirements of libraries and their roles as community centers, our consultants specialize in preserving the compensation packages of library directors while restricting the effects of budget constraints to entry-level librarians.

Typical duties of consultants may include, but are not limited to:
-Observing the work of entry-level librarians in Librarian I positions
-Evaluating Librarian I's on their skills
-Contacting local media outlets to publicize the less complex duties of the the Librarian I
-Implementing long-term plans to reduce the number of Librarian I positions
-Reducing salary expenditures for Librarian I positions by replacing compensation packages with technological assistance
-Justifying the high levels of compensation provided to library directors and consultants
-Reclassifying and creative renaming of Library I positions, stressing customer service
-Forming positive and collaborative partnerships with Librarian I's
-Maintaining and enhancing high levels of staff morale among Librarian I's throughout the entire process

Bath Tub With Book Shelves

If you're going to read in the tub, you may as well be tidy about it and keep your books shelved nearby, or rather, within the tub itself.

This tub includes a nice back rest and shelving for several books. And for only US$17,300, it's well designed to fit any librarian's income!


Peep Research - Staley Library, Millikin University, Decatur, IL

Although scientific and health research has been conducted on Peeps, most notably that appearing on the Peep Research website (see, we have noted an absence of research focusing on the ability of Peeps themselves to actually do research. To address this lack, we invited a small group of Peeps to visit Staley Library at Millikin University during the week of March 17-21, 2003 so that we could more closely observe their research practices. This was determined to be an ideal week for the Peeps to visit the library, as Millikin University students were on spring break. The research that follows documents their visit to the library and provides some evaluative commentary on our assessment of Peeps and library usage.

He's back!

"The Librarian" will be returning to TV again sometime later this year. It will be called "Curse of the Judas Chalice," and apparently deal with a vampire and the Judas Chalice, whatever that may be.

Love Twitter? Try Fartter.

You've heard of Twitter, but have you heard of Fartter? is the new social networking site for people who really want to stay connected.
Let's say you have a blog. Well, some things you want to tell people aren't suitable for a full blog post, but you want them to know anyway, so you use twitter. But what about if you just fart? Maybe there are times when you've just farted, but you don't want to log into twitter to tell everyone.

That's where fartter comes in. Add the fartter icon to your Internet Explorer or Firefox toolbar and every time you fart, give it a click. Your personal fartter page will update with the news.

Fartter also lets you comment on your fartts. And fartter works with your mobile device to travel anywhere you do.

Here's how it works: Carla signs up for fartter and searches for her friends. After clicking "sniff," she gets updates on all her fartter friends. For example, she didn't know that fried rice gives Jim farts. And she didn't know that Louise disguises her farts by coughing.

So if you don't have time for twitter, try fartter. And if you haven't heard of fartter, someone's probably coughing loud enough to cover it up.

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TNT Checks Out 'Librarian' Again: The Curse of the Judas Chalice

The most mild-mannered action hero in TV history will be back on TNT late this year. The cable network has begun production on the third installment of its "Librarian" franchise, with former "ER" star Noah Wyle reprising his title role. The movie, titled "The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice," is scheduled to premiere in late 2008.

Insanity @ My Library: A Photo Contest

Scott Douglas has released full details of a book give away contest <a href="">here</a>: <blockquote>Do you have a picture that perfectly illustrates the insanity that takes place at a library? Maybe it's the book drop that was destroyed by a firecracker, the librarian who never matches his socks, or the library that is completely falling apart and has structural damage to prove it!

the.effing.librarian: My Confession

Inspired by the confession of Misha Defonseca for admitting that her book, "Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years" was a fabrication , that she never lived with wolves nor played guard for the 1973 Boston Celtics, the.effing.librarian (the "corporation") has a few bits of reality we would like admit to being outright lies:

I never "Borat wrestled" Gerald Ford to win the affections of Valerie Bertinelli.

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