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K.G. Schneider writes "So help me, I'm an "expert" who will be presenting at LITA's Top Technology Trends this coming weekend at ALA Midwinter (Sunday, 8:30-11, Sheraton Constitution BR). The trends are those that affect or are important to libraries (that's broad, huh?).

I have my own ideas for trends, but what do YOU think?

Here are a few of my ideas, to get you started:

Blogs everywhere, for everything

RSS going (almost) mainstream

Flash drives ubiquitous

Storage getting cheaperncheaper

Cell phones with cameras

Ergo, moblogging

Broadband picks up many more users

Wi-fi commonplace

The rise of the citizen journalist

I know I'm supposed to say something hifalutin like "institutional repositories," and don't let me stop you from saying so, but in terms of BIG trends, these are what I really see.

I have put a similar post on my own blog, but feel free to comment here, and I'll watch both places."


Association of Christian Librarians 49th Annual Conference

Jana writes "June 13-16, 2005: Association of Christian Librarians 49th Annual Conference, Columbia International University; Columbia, SC.
Our theme is "Nothing Could Be Finer" with keynote speakers Dr. Carol Tenopir, Professor of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, and David Mash, Dean of Information Resources and Services, Columbia International University.
Contact Susan Watkins, 617-745-3855, or [email protected];

*ACL is an association of librarians who embrace the Christian faith and has over 600 members."


Meet the Anarchist Librarians

Chuck Munson, librarian at and the Alternative Media Project, gave a talk on anarchist librarians at the Counterpoise Post Conference: "Beyond ALA" last summer: "So what is an anarchist librarian? How are anarchist librarians different from radical or progressive librarians? Is there an anarchist librarianship beyond library workers who wear the anarchist label? I’d like to discuss, briefly, some ideas about what anarchist librarianship is theoretically." [Transcript]


Rapid City Journal: Serving Rapid City South Dakota

Anonymous Patron writes "Rapid City Journal Reports Head librarians from more than 40 states traded information Monday on collecting digital information at the fall conference of the Chief Officers of State Librarians Association, or COSLA, at the Radisson Hotel in Rapid City South Dakota.
As digital technology grows and replaces paper and ink with electronic documents, state libraries are responsible for gathering the countless documents government agencies produce and permanently preserving them, according to GladysAnn Wells, COSLA president and the director of the Arizona State Library at Phoenix."


Goodbye, Orlando?

The American Library Association's (ALA) Annual Conference, June 24–30, in steamy Orlando, drew 19,575 people, including 5,739 exhibitors, the lowest total since Miami in 1994, not counting the SARS-shadowed conference in Toronto last year...

The threat of a dues increase, and attendant fear of membership losses, hovered in the Orlando air. ALA has a revenue problem. It was heard at sessions of the ALA Executive Board and in the reports of the treasurer and the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) to both the board and the Council. BARC warned that ALA might end the current fiscal year with revenues $1.2 million below budget. The current budget—just under $49 million—could not include the $50,000 to print the ALA Handbook, a much-criticized plan that is likely to be reversed.

Read more.


71st IFLA Conference Brings Challenge to Cuba, lLibrarians sends the following announcement "
World Library and Information Congress: 71st IFLA General Conference and Council
"Libraries - A voyage of discovery"
August 14th - 18th 2005, Oslo, Norway
and a related story from sometimes LISNews contributor Walter Skold via Worldnet Daily

On the eve of the world's largest library conference, a group of prominent dissidents from the former Soviet bloc have issued a stinging rebuke to Fidel Castro for jailing independent librarians and have called on the International Federation of Library Associations, or IFLA, to challenge Cuba over its human rights violations.

"We know what it is like to live in a society where freedom is repressed in the name of democracy and national sovereignty, and where the voicing of dissent is banned in the name of safeguarding freedom of expression," says a letter released yesterday by the Czech-based People In Need Foundation.


Fahrenheit 9/11 will be shown at ALA

mdoneil writes "Fahrenheit 9/11 will be shown at ALA according to an email I received from the FLA listserv.

Mitch Freedman, immediate past president of ALA relates that the distributor, Lions Gate, in cooperation with the ALA is showing the film for $10 a pop.

No matter what your politics I'm sure you will have an opinion about this. Me, I'll pay for Ray Bradbury's ticket. But there is no need to get a large popcorn to share with me."

Rochelle adds: I'd already posted this a journal article before I saw md's post. The viewing will be a benefit for ALA's intellectual freedom activities.


Need Volunteers for upcoming ALA Conference

Rob Lenholt writes "As a member of the Local Arrangements Committee for the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida (June 24 - 29, 2004), I am looking for a few good volunteers to work two hour shifts at various booths and functions. Anyone interested should please visit our website at:

Thanks for your time.

Rob Lenholt
Assistant Professor
Electronic Services Librarian
duPont-Ball Library
Stetson University
DeLand, FL
386 822 4039"


EPIC's Freedom 2.0 Examines 'Distributed Democracy'

Blake left a few links about the Washington, D.C.-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) recent conference entitled "Freedom 2.0: Distributed Democracy." It received some coverage from TelecomWeb.

"The two-day policy conference featured panels, keynote presentations, and workshops on wide-ranging topics such as transparency, government oversight, the "Public Voice," privacy activism, anonymity and identity, and trustworthy computing."


LJ Offers Picks and Pans for Orlando Conference

Here's Library Journal's annual overview of ALA's upcoming conference in Orlando. Whether or not you agree with John Berry's take on the worthiness of individual sessions, I find this to be a very valuable pre-conference overview of programs.

Still no word on whether or not last year's LISNewzter summit will become an annual event. Maybe there's no room big enough in Orlando to keep the LISNews Jets and the Sharks at a safe distance. I'm certainly up for something and would be happy to coordinate a time, if folks want to send me their free times. rochelle at lisnews dot org


Orlando/ALA Bound? Make Sure You Do the Exhibits

I've always been a bit of an exhibit snob, poo-pooing the exhibit hall as a bit of unneccesary fluff that, frankly, I didn't have time for. At Midwinter, however, I learned that it's exhibitors who make conference (relatively) affordable for attendees. Were it not for exhibitors, registration fees would be several hundred dollars. Apparently, exhibit hall traffic at Midwinter was so low, that members of the Exhibits Round Table (ERT) threatened to pull out if ALA didn't institute a no-conflicts time that would give members an open period during which they could visit with vendors, scoop up free pens and get their picture taken with Elvis. ALA heard and responded to the concerns. Here's an editorial from Library Journal with more details. See you in Orlando where I'll be putting in time at both the Public Programs Office and U of Illinois booths in the exhibit hall!


Special Hotel Just for Librarians at BEA

Librarians are invited (but not obliged) to stay in a separate hotel (a quiet one, of course) when they attend BookExpo in Chicago next month from June 4-6.
The conference keynote will be given by (auto)biographer and former President Bill Clinton, who, reports have it, will be showing up late.

Here's the invite for the Claridge Hotel from the BookExpo website.


10 Things I've Learned Presenting at Library Conferences

10 Things I've Learned Presenting at Library Conferences, by Michael Stephens, a librarian, technology trainer and author living in Northern Indiana.

1. Always be prepared.

2. If presenting in a track, try to be present for the other speakers.



How Much To Be Wire Free in FL?

brat librarian writes, "What's the most you've ever paid for wireless acess? ALA wants to
charge people $25 per day or an astonishing $5 per hour for wireless acess, which for many could double the cost of the conference. Since a wi-fi hub just requires a $100 router and some know-how, where did this number come from? Technobiblio explores the issue, as does"


2004 Annual OVGTSL Conference

The 2004 Annual OVGTSL Conference will be held Wednesday, May 12 to Friday, May 14 in Louisville, Kentucky with the theme "Technical Services = User Services: Making the Connection." This year's keynote speaker will be Janet Swan Hill, Director of Technical Services at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Other invited speakers are Lee Van Orsdel, Dean of Libraries at Eastern Kentucky University and Glenn Patton, Director of the WorldCat Content Management Division of OCLC.


Thirteenth North Carolina Serials Conference

The North Carolina Central University School of Library and Information Sciences and NASIG's Continuing Education Committee are co-sponsoring the Thirteenth North Carolina Serials Conference, April 15-16. The conference title is Opening Pandora's Box: Managing the Chaos of Serials Resources.

From the announcement email: "Feeling overwhelmed, and fearing that even Hope has deserted you? Come hear about the latest developments and techniques for restoring order from chaos."


Democratization of Information: Focus on Libraries

The proceedings of the International Workshop on the Democratization of Information with a focus on Libraries, which was held from 18-19 January 2004 in Mumbai, India, are now available in pdf format online. Includes papers on alternative knowledge formation, the right to information, civic intelligence descriptive model, information literacy and capability building and open source systems in the library and on the net. View the proceedings.


eBooks in the Public Library Conference - March 16th - New York City

NickBogaty writes "Hello:

I would like to remind the readers of LISNews of a conference that the Open eBook Forum is hosting on March 16th in New York called the eBooks in the Public Library Conference. Details of the conference can be found at

I believe that this conference will be a real eyeopener for publishers, technology companies and libraries on how eBooks can be integrated into library systems, what patrons want, how eBooks can be used, what they cost, problems, challenges and opportunities of eBooks etc.

We've got a really good mix registered to the conference of large, medium and small library systems, eBook technology companies, traditional library system companies like Dynix and Sirsi and distributors like netLibrary and Baker & Taylor.

It's shaping up to be a good show and I hope people who read LISNews will attend. A couple of details, the conference is in NYC at March 16th and tickets are $79 (this includes breakfast and lunch). The conference is very intimate (350 people capacity) which will be great for networking, asking questions etc., but there are less than 100 tickets left, so I suggest signing up soon if you want to attend.

Nick Bogaty
Executive Director
Open eBook Forum

P.S. If anyone has questions, you can email me at [email protected]."


2003 Dublin Core Conference Summary

Boxes & Arrows has the 2003 Dublin Core Conference Summary.

"Overall the conference showed lots of enthusiasm in the use of standardized metadata for future inter-operability between institutions such as libraries, government agencies, and corporations. It was interesting to hear various DC people acknowledge that they needed more awareness of how DC was being used in non-traditional settings and ways, such as in corporations, with hardware, and in conjunction with other standards. It will be exciting to see how Dublin Core metadata and other metadata standards start to share a common ground with the information architecture community."


The Association of Christian Librarians 2004 Conference

Details on The Association of Christian Librarians 2004 Conference:

ACL's 2004 Conference will be held Monday through Thursday, June 7-10 at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. The theme will be "Connecting. . . "

The keynote speaker will be Sara Parker, the Missouri State Librarian. Ms. Parker has been a pioneer in connecting libraries, librarians, patrons, information and materials in multi-type library cooperation over the years, and was featured in the "OCLC Monthly Newsletter" in January 2003



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