Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

DIY Book Scanners Turn Your Books Into Bytes

Submitted by Bibliofuture on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 11:12

For nearly two years, Daniel Reetz dreamed of a book scanner that could crunch textbooks and spit out digital files he could then read on his PC.

Book scanners, like the ones Google is using in its Google Books project, run into thousands of dollars, putting them out of the reach of a graduate student like Reetz. But in January, when textbook prices for the semester were listed, Reetz decided he would make a book scanner that would cost a fraction of commercially available products.

Respectful Discussion: The Open Source Debate

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 11/02/2009 - 09:27

Stephen Abram: The discussion about open source and integrated library systems has become more relevant and animated in the past year. Much has happened to fuel the discussion, especially recently with changes with the open source (and quasi-open source) vendors. Open source technology in general has become part of the technology discussion of in many industries including libraries.

Google Book Search Hearing to Be Postponed

Submitted by birdie on Tue, 09/22/2009 - 17:08

The parties in the Google Book Search Settlement have asked the court to adjourn the scheduled October 7th fairness hearing, telling the court the parties intend to amend the deal. "Because the parties, after consultation with the DOJ, have determined that the Settlement Agreement that was approved preliminarily in November 2008 will be amended, plaintiffs respectfully submit that the Fairness Hearing should not be held, as scheduled, on October 7," reads a memorandum appended to the parties motion to adjourn.

Let (Intellectual) Freedom Ring

Submitted by birdie on Tue, 09/15/2009 - 11:59

A Beardstown (IL) school district official will receive statewide recognition next month for defending a book some parents sought to have removed from the library shelves.

Sue Reichert, director of libraries for Beardstown School District, will be given the Illinois Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Award in October.

The award — which “recognizes an individual or group for outstanding contributions to the defense and advancement of intellectual freedom” — will be presented during a ceremony Oct. 8 in Peoria.