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Copy Protection Efforts Doomed to Fail

According to Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, \"efforts to copy protect music, movies or television shows are destined to fail. As film studios and recording studios urge Congress to extend copy protection to every home entertainment device, Andreessen said the entertainment industry need look no further than the software industry\'s own expensive, failed attempts at encryption to realize it is ineffective at stopping piracy.\" More from Silicon Valley.

Digital Piracy... The Debate Continues

This story discusses recent developments in the digital content protection debate. Researchers recently announced that software alone cannot prevent digital piracy. There is much opposition, however, to a proposed bill that would require hardware manufacturers to develop anti-copying devices and other digital piracy prevention features.

Battle Intensifies Over Right to Copy

jen writes \"Consumer, industry groups joust in Congress over rights and wrongs of sharing, seeing, and storing digital entertainment.
PC World Story

A hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday was a coming-out party for, a consumer group that aims to protect fair use rights to save, copy, and move movies and music you own. Cofounder Joe Kraus testified alongside representatives of entertainment firms and technology companies. \"

Presenting Copyright issues to highschool teacher

Russell McOrmond passed along Presentation Notes given to a group of teachers at their professional development day on copyright reform consultation.

He provides answers to questions like; \"The \"socialist\" ideas presented in this discussion may be easier to morally justify, but we live in a capitalist society.
\", \"What is Microsoft \".NET\"? \", and \"If you don\'t restrict peoples ability to copy, how do you make money?\".

Supreme Court To Hear Internet Copyright Challenge

Hiawatha Bray writes...

\"A New Hampshire man\'s challenge to the federal copyright law is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And if Eric Eldred of East Derry is victorious, the nation\'s recording companies, book publishers, and movie studios could lose control of vast libraries of intellectual property worth billions of dollars.\"

Entertainment Public Performance Movie Copyright Compliance for Public Libraries

The following was posted to a listserv and is being submitted verbatim (so to speak).$presentations/movliclib.pdf
\"ST. LOUIS - Movie Licensing USA, Licensing Agent for Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, DreamWorks, Columbia, Sony, MGM and other major motion picture studios, now provides Movie Copyright Compliance Site Licensing to public libraries for the public performance of entertainment videos. The Movie License ensures copyright compliance for showing of films in the library facilities which were produced by the studios represented.

Copyright Debate Getting Hotter

From Wired News...
\"Copies of old books, movies and songs are being lost before they can be archived because Congress has over-reached its authority by extending copyright terms on creative works. Hundreds of thousands of works will be kept from the public domain for another 20 years unless the statute is overturned.\" More
Still More

Intellectual Property Ecology

Troy Johnson writes \" Good article on ecology of intellectual property that discusses how the oppossing sides of the intellectual property debate may have shared interest that they need to look out for. The shared interest are similar to how bird watchers and bird hunters have a shared interest in preserving birds.

Creative Commons: Lessig copyright project.

Troy Johnson of writes \"This is an article about a project being created by Lawrence Lessig, a copyright law professor at Stanford, that will help authors and artist get more flexible licenses for their work.

The project is called Creative Commons and it will allow authors and artist to download licenses that have more options than current copyright. \"

They have a Site in place, no content yet though. See also: Story.

The Great Giveaway

/. pointed out this New Scientist story on open source. The article is also Copylefted.

They say open source has come to embody a political stand--one that values freedom of expression, mistrusts corporate power, and is uncomfortable with private ownership of knowledge. It\'s \"a broadly libertarian view of the proper relationship between individuals and institutions\".


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