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Graphic novel and comic book fans are book lovers, so it is no surprise that libraries and librarians are portrayed fairly frequently in all sorts of graphic works. Here are some comics that feature libraries and librarians and are perfect for some light reading or for a fun library display.

Librarians, Get Yer FREE Copies Here!!

Who could refuse? Workman Publishing, via Early Word is offering a FREE COPY of a new book by Chip Kidd, GO, an introduction to graphic design for kids, but also a wonderful primer for adults. Be one of the first 50 librarians or instructors to respond!

Comic book collection inherited by family expected to net $2M at auction

comic book collection inherited by family expected to net $2M at auction
When Michael Rorrer found 345 comic books neatly stacked in a basement closet as he cleaned out his great aunt’s Virginia home after her death, he thought they were cool but didn’t think much about their value.

He later discovered that his late great uncle Billy Wright had managed to assemble a remarkable comic book collection that included some of the most prized issues ever published, and kept them in good condition. The comics are expected to fetch more than $2 million when they are auctioned off Wednesday in New York City.


Happy Birthday Unshelved!

Ten Years Old
Ten years ago we put the first Unshelved strip on the web.

Our expectations were low, to say the least. The only reason we even bothered posting strips was to keep ourselves honest in the eyes of a few dozen friends and family. The plan was to churn out strips for a few months, then start over again using the lessons we'd learned, and finally apply to syndicates. (Remember newspapers?)


Library Cartoon

Here is a great library cartoon from blogger Dotty Ellipsis:

Save our Library

Funny cartoon from The Telegraph

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Laptop Kamasutra

I think the whole LOL thing is mostly annoying but I thought this was amusing. Maybe because I'm familiar with so many of the positions.....

From a site called LOLBytes
Laptop Kamasutra

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Recent Pearls before Swine cartoon



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