Amazon's Top Reviewers and the fate of the literary amateur.

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Slate Takes A Look at Amazon's "celebrity reviewers." As in any numbers game (tax returns, elections) opacity abets manipulation. Amazon's rankings establish a formal, public competition for power—or its online equivalent, recognition—wherein each competitor follows his own private sense of fair play. Or not.

[email protected]: Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger

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Authors Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger discuss their book "Breakthrough" as part of the [email protected] series. Breakthrough is the awaited follow-up to the original essay, the authors give us an expansive and eloquent manifesto for political change. What Americans really want, and what could serve as the basis for a new politics, is a vision capable of inspiring us to greatness.

Claim first US book had Welsh author

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The first American novel was penned by a Welshman, according to a new book. Breverton, 61, added, “The Power of Sympathy was written and published in 1789 and it was not a novel as anybody would recognise it today. “It’s what they call an epistolary novel – it’s a series of letters, like Dear John letters in The Sun. “It’s nothing to do with the novel form as we recognise it. “It’s definite that The Journal was the first American novel.

Now available: Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples.

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Now available From Walt Crawford: Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples.
# Includes 231 English-language academic library blogs from 156 institutions.
# Coverage rules same as for Public Library Blogs.
# Similar metrics and inclusions–but this book also makes a few comparisons between academic and public library blogs.