Librarian Education

Librarian Education

Degrees Granted Online May Lack Status

The NY Times has an insteresting Story on the employability of those with degrees from Online-Only Schools. 77% of HR officers said they believe an online degree from a real school, like Stanford or Harvard, is better than one from a school that exists only on the Internet.

\"There\'s some skepticism. Some employers feel like students are getting a degree-lite, or a watered-down degree.\"

I\'ve been on both sides of the online education market (as a student and a teacher) and I still prefer the ol\' classroom.

Ten Graces for New Librarians

Originally the Commencement address
at the School of Information Science and Policy,
SUNY/Albany on Sunday, May 19, 1996, GraceAnne
DeCandido has written \"Ten Graces for New Librarians\" a very
informative guide for all new librarians. Read it
love it, live it!

Revamped Library Schools

The Chronicle of Higher
has a most interesting
and related Dis
on how library schools are making way for
specialties that train students for high-tech careers in which skills
at handling and organizing vast amounts of information are in
great demand.

\"Today, students seeking master\'s
degrees in information at Michigan represent more than 50
majors, and only about a third of the program\'s graduates will
become traditional librarians. A growing number of them are
preparing for jobs with newfangled titles like information architect
and intelligence manager.\"


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