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R. David Lankes – The Atlas of New Librarianship

Lankes, R. (2011). The atlas of new librarianship. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. R. David Lankes is Associate Professor in Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, and Director of its Library and Information Science Program. His main theme throughout the book is a new mission for librarians – "The Mission of Librarians is to improve Society through Facilitating Knowledge Creation in their Communities."

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Programming Advisory


Erie Looking Productions will not release new programming this weekend in light of Hurricane Irene's impending approach to the eastern coast of North America.

The potential for systems disruption impacting such a large portion of the United States population is something we must bear in mind. We remember the lessons of the 2003 regional outage that included us in an outage area that encompassed much of the northeastern United States as well as a major portion of the Province of Ontario. In light of recent local electricity reliability issues, we are preparing for the possibility of outages impacting us.

New episodes of LISTen: An Program and Ubuntu Ohio – Burning Circle are tentatively scheduled for release on September 5th, 2011.

The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions
Michael J. Kellat, Engineer
Gloria D. Kellat, Producer
Stephen Michael Kellat, Head Writer

The PDF to the essay

LISNews Now Available Via Kindle Blogs

And now LISNews is available by way of the Kindle platform:

As noted in the notice above captured from Identica, LISNews is now available via Kindle Blogs. Amazon sets the price for a monthly subscription and right now it is set at $1.99. We've got no input at all as to what Amazon charges in this instance. As long as you have a Kindle device you can get posts right out of the main feed delivered via Whispernet. According to Amazon, links in stories will work and will take you to linked content. This is a bit of an experiment in plumbing LISNews content into other platforms. To get a subscription, visit Amazon. If you want to transmogrify RSS feeds on your own, see the right-hand side of the LISNews page for the XML link chiclet.

2011 Summer Hiatus

It seems that LISTen: An Program will take a couple weeks off to tend to local politics.

As noted above in a notice posted to Identica, LISTen: An Program is going to be taking a couple weeks off. There are some matters of local government politics that the air staff will be tending to. There is a ballot access deadline coming up and we want to do what we can to help a particular local matter onto the ballot before then.

Barring unforeseen consequences, LISTen: An Program will return to air on 8 August 2011.

Creative Commons License
2011 Summer Hiatus by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Librarians Without Borders on the Ground in Guatemala: The Asturias Library Project

27 members of <a href=""> Librarians Without Borders</a> (LWB) are currently on the ground on a service learning trip to Guatemala, from April 22 - May 3, 2011. This is part of a partnership with the <a href="">Miguel Angel Asturias Academy</a>, a non-profit private school founded in 1994 to eliminate education disparities through subsidized tuition and create informed, critically-thinking, socially conscious citizens through its curriculum. The partnership between LWB and Asturias is focused on promoting literacy and libraries in Guatemala, and development and operation of the <a href="">Asturias Community Library</a>. As part of this trip, the group will learn about Guatemalan culture and education, participate in community organizing and change making workshops, and complete a week of work at the Asturias Academy and Community Library.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #148

From this week's script: To you, dear listeners, this has some impact. The first is that any read counts on the site for any particular post should be regarded as utterly fictitious. The second is that you really should be using the FeedBurner target for the podcast rather than subscribing directly to the LISNews PHP-generated feed. The third is that our presence in the iTunes Music Store is a bit off-kilter for now and the downloading of individual episodes through that source is not recommended. That whole discussion of the weirdness on LISNews over the past week as well as an expansive news round-up can be found in this week's episode. Related links: LISNews Netcast Network on An example of illegal narcotics becoming a cash crop Associated Press on current economic woes Deutsche Welle on gender imbalance in Wikipedia editor stats Monty The Dog Greenstone 2.84 released Ann Althouse on the New York Times paywall Teleread on per capita distribution of ebook reading Ars Technica on Google's +1 vote up search ranking system CNET's Caroline McCarthy on Google's +1 vote up search ranking system Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals on their awards nominees in the realm of children's books Evan Prodromou on the launch of Ars Technica on data caps becoming a problem in Canada for Netflix Ars Technica on the reduction in wireline broadband bandwidth caps that resulted in Netflix problems John C. Dvorak on the Internet being the new opiate of the masses Creative Commons License
LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #148 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

FeedSync Test

The nuclear option is being employed on the FeedBurner side of things to realign a major feed. For those getting this as an e-mail digest, apologies for the repeat e-mail. For those seeing this in iTunes...I hope this fixes things...

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #146

Over the past week Erie Looking Productions has unsuccessfully grappled with a massive reduction in computing power. Two computers dying within days of each other is not a good thing. An annotated round-up of links from the slush pile is presented in this post while the audio brings an old-time radio classic. With luck we'll be fully recovered operationally next week. From the slush pile: (Click "Read more" to see the links)

Cancellation Notice for 14 March 2011

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Erie Looking Productions has suffered a catastrophic equipment failure. As we attempt to repair damage it must be noted that the regularly scheduled release for 14 March 2011 is cancelled. Barring disruptions the next programming release is set for 21 March 2011.

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Plenty of Bs to go around...

I have noticed the past few days how many LIS postings are by usernames which start with B (mine included :). And some of these are very good friends of mine :). An interesting pattern which I'm probably not the only one to notice. :)

  • Bearkat
  • Bibliofuture
  • Bibliophile Adventure
  • Birdie
  • Blake ("LIS News: since 1999 and still doing fine" :))

Not sure if this qualifies as a "Friday Funnies" category or not, but it is worth a shot...

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Hello! fdfabaa interesting fdfabaa site! ...what does THIS mean?

Blake's subtitle, which gave me a chuckle this morning, is a reflection of the work involved in maintaining this blog. It's not backbreaking work, but it's work, and it's constant and continuing. Here's a brief glance at some of the work we do...on a volunteer basis. For the love of libraries.

We have spammers who submit articles entitled "fdfabaa interesting site" and as you can imagine, some are much worse. Their 'contributions' must be eliminated on a daily basis.

We have readers, authors and commentators who sometimes write before they think, or write something for the purpose of diminishing others. They need to be kept in line. Now behave!

We have submitters whose articles are most welcome. They contribute new voices to this collaborative blog and make it better in doing so. Their contributions will occasionally need rewriting, editing or fact-checking.

Speaking of editing and fact-checking, we are a collaborative blog without editors. We do our best to edit our own and each others contributions, but occasionally we miss something. We occasionally repeat a story. We try to correct misinformation as soon as we can. Please have patience. We are not the New York Times, although at least one of us is a Gray Lady (me).

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Since PNLA-L has all these updates on TSA...

As I've seen quite a bit of chatter on library-related e-mail reflectors, it is perhaps best to mirror the new signage the TSA just put out for holiday travel. I'm attaching the PDF here so it will distribute outward as a booklet as far as iTunes is concerned in the podcast feed. Podcast feeds can handle more than just audio and video files...

You can find more signage and the government PSA we'll likely be airing here:

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #130

Somehow we survived last week's re-transmission of an old-timey Thanksgiving special. This week's episode brings a zeitgeist update and a news miscellany. A book review was planned but that is being held back for a later episode.

Related links:
Possible bank holiday for wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton
RISKS Digest hitting Facebook
WIRED on Facebook censoring links in their new messaging system
The Register on Facebook's new messaging system being similar to a business unified inbox
Deutsche Welle on privacy concerns with the Facebook messaging system
CNET's Caroline McCarthy on the launch of the Facebook messaging system
The Register on Sir Tim Berners-Lee and threats to the web
Essay by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on threats to the web
The Register's Andrew Orlowski on Facebook's messaging system
CNET's Maggie Reardon on a new satellite broadband system
National Review Online on NPR surviving a de-funding attempt
Ars Technica on the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act
The current text of the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act currently before the US Senate
Richard M Stallman on how the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act is part of the war on sharing
Richard M Stallman referring to the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act as a blacklist for the Internet
Shortwave America blog seeing the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act as a possible tool for content isolationism
Ars Technica: "Why Don't Americans Want Broadband?"

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #129

This week's episode is a Thanksgiving special bringing a retransmission of the The Durante-Moore Show from 1946. A quick look at the zeitgeist is also presented.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #128

This week's episode is shared between LISTen: An Podcast and The Burning Circle. There was supposed to be an interview with Blake Carver of LISHost that did not air due to a lack of sufficient recoverable audio after a telecommunications disruption incident. This week's episode runs down the zeitgeist at LISNews while also talking about news in the Ubuntu realm of Ohio. An essay is presented by Producer Gloria about funding of public institutions. A news miscellany is also presented. Related links: Easter eggs found in Google Maps Techworld Australia on Ubuntu leaping from Xorg to Wayland Ars Technica on the jump to Wayland Michael Geist on Fair Use in the UK BBC News on Burma falling off the Internet Craig Labovitz at Arbor Networks about Burma falling off the Internet The Register on NewScientist's discussion of in-flight communications NewScientist on in-flight communications The Greenstone & Koha integrated LiveCD is released! The Open Respect Project


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