Must Read Stories

Must Read Stories

Somewhere to hide?

The Buffalo News, here in Buffalo, NY, has quite a Front Page Story, on privacy in the information age.
Most well informed people already know, you have very little privacy anymore.
The problem with this story, however, is they imply that the information the public library is somehow equal to the information contained in any number of commercial or medical databses. The first picture from the headline is even a book being checked out.

Is anyone bothered by this? While they don\'t come out and say it, it is implied that library records are somehow public information, or the records are sold.The public library is mentioned with a Video Store!

\"She stops at the library for a book, or the video store for a steamy movie and computers record those transactions.\"

Problems with E-Rate

The Pittsburg Post Gazettehas a Great 4 part series on the Problems with the E-Rate program.

A federal law designed to make sure that poor and rural children don\'t suffer technological discrimination because of the high cost of Internet service has created red tape, controversy and higher phone bills for millions of Americans. Post-Gazette staff writers Ann McFeatters, Karen MacPherson, Jack Torry and Eleanor Chute examine the issues in a four-part series.

Chatham checks out library

College first to leave management to outside company. Read about it Here. From the href=\"\">The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Chatham College has turned management of its campus library over to a Maryland company under an 18-month contract, hoping to boost efficiency and enable the school to increase technology offerings on campus.

Southern Connecticut State University libarian accused of larcency

Read about it Here.
From the href=\"\">The Boston Globe\'s

A Southern Connecticut State University librarian is accused of stocking her home library with books and other items she purchased with taxpayers\'money.

Sarasota library debuts e-mail reading club

The Sarasota FL News has a very interesting Story on the first Email Book club.
Certainly a great idea that promotes the library, and makes it easier for patrons to find great books.

This is not your traditional reading club, with a handful of people discussing a work of fiction. Rather, it\'s a new kind of library outreach aimed at time-challenged, tech-savvy book lovers.

\"Monday through Friday, a chapter of a new best-selling book will be e-mailed directly to you,\" Burns said. \"Over the week you get the first two or three chapters of the book.\"

Law Would Prosecute Libraries for Kiddie Porn

Yahoo News
picked up a story from Soutch Carolina HREF=\"
2.html\"> HERE on an interesting new law proposal.

A state lawmaker has proposed a bill that would hold
library officials criminally liable if they let children see
pornography online.
The legislation, introduced by Sen. Mike Fair, R-Greenville,
was inspired by the Greenville County Library Board\'s
refusal to install Internet filtering software on computers.
Using filtering software to block adult Web sites in the
nation\'s libraries has been a controversial issue between
free-speech advocates and those wanting to shield kids from
the seamier side of

Libraries and their ashes

Oneworld has An Amazing
piece on books, and libraries, and everything that interests us.

Our mistake, perhaps, has been to look upon a library as an all-encompassing and neutral space. Any library is, by definition, the result of a choice, necessarily limited in its scope. The earliest Mesopotamian libraries we know of, leading back to the third millennium BC, were born under these conditions.

Fantastic story on banned books.

The HREF=\"\">savannahmorningnew
s has a nice story on a banned book HREF=\"
LOCbook.shtml\"> Here . It follows the story for a year
a half.

\"It started with a single complaint. One man offended by
what he read on the pages of his stepdaughter\'s
It snowballed into a book ban, a
full-fledged censorship fight, gathering disbelief and
outrage as it rolled on its controversial path.\"

The \"New\" Librarian

USNEws has an intersting
read HREF=\"
\">Here on the new breed of Librarians.

\"Library science is a field transformed by the
cyber-revolution. A generation ago, \'\'the librarian had the
crepe-soled shoes and the bun and was holding court in a
book-lined environment,\'\' says Carol Hoffmann, assistant to
the director of the University of Pittsburgh\'s library
system. Lately, explosive growth in the volume and import of
information has created demand across disciplines for people
expert in organizing and retrie

Comment to the US Fed Govt.

\"The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is
preparing to conduct proceedings to make recommendations in
accordance with section 1201(a)(1) of the Copyright Act, 17
1201(a)(1), which was added by the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act and which provides that the Librarian of
Congress may exempt certain classes of
works from the prohibition against circumventing a
technological measure that controls access to a copyrighted


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