Patriot Act


Bob Cox pointed us to this ALA Alert on the USA PATRIOT Act.

The new legislation amends the laws governing the
Federal Bureau of Investigation’s access to business
records. One provision orders any person or institution
served with a search warrant not to disclose that such a
warrant has been served or that records have been
produced pursuant to the warrant.

The existence of this provision does not mean that
libraries and librarians served with such a search
warrant cannot ask to consult with their legal counsel
concerning the warrant. A library and its employees can
still seek legal advice concerning the warrant and
request that the library’s legal counsel be present
during the actual search and execution of the warrant.

EPIC has more as well.


Security and Privacy May No Longer be Compatible Concepts

The sense that citizens can no longer expect a climate of both security and privacy in the U.S. is becoming a great concern for some. In October, President Bush signed into law the USA Patriot Act, which allows law enforcement authorities unfettered access to search educational, library, medical, travel, credit, and immigration records of individuals. Opponents of the measure feel that this is just the beginning of a society in which personal liberties will become a thing of the past. More from ISP World.



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