The No Asshole Rule

On Tech Nation Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Robert Sutton, the Stanford Professor and author, who has scientific research proving a negative work atmosphere is bad for you. They talk about Sutton's new book which looks at "Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't."
What is in quotes is the subtitle of the book. The full title is: The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't. On the radio interview they cannot say asshole so they dance around the word the whole show. Very interesting interview.

Dionne Mack-Harvin Becomes First Female African-American Director of Brooklyn PL

Library Journal reports that Dionne Mack-Harvin has been named executive director of the Brooklyn Public Library. This appointment makes her the first female African-American to hold this position, and "the first African American woman in New York State to lead [a] major public library system."

Harvard Getting Their First Woman President?

Search Engines WEB writes "A renowned historian who specializes in 19th century America, Faust has nonetheless gained a reputation as a scientifically literate administrator — one, perhaps, who could manage the complicated task of developing a science-focused campus in Allston. Here's More"


schoenbc writes "From the article "...representatives for 10,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists are asking Congress to stop the Bush administration from closing the agency's network of technical research libraries. The EPA scientists, representing more than half of the total agency workforce, contend thousands of scientific studies are being put out of reach, hindering emergency preparedness, anti-pollution enforcement and long-term research, according to the letter released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).""

Time for Library Management 2.0?

What do Gwinnett County (GA),
King County (WA),
and Berkeley (CA) have in common? They're rough on
their public library directors. Do these recent stories have a common thread, or lessons that future library leaders could take to heart? What do you wish your director did differently?


kmccook writes "Musematic
Rants and raves on the latest trends in the world of museum informatics and technology. An intrepid cast of experts from the Museum Computer Network and AAM's Media & Technology Committee share their insights, observations and tricks of the trade."

Working for a Woman Can Be a ...

GregS* writes 'From PW's Soapbox section: "Women make wonderful bosses. We should know -between the two of us we have more than 30 years of experience in the publishing business and have reported exclusively to women. In our observations, female bosses often become more mentors than managers, nurturing the careers of those who report to them more than their male counterparts. Working for women can be amazing and inspiring. But..." I've worked for good and bad, some guilty of all listed, some a few. But all were women so I can't compare except in how I see my own actions. How about you?'

MLS preferred? PREFERRED?

mdoneil writes "The City of Clearwater is looking for a new library director. The current director is going to Atlanta to be their director(not a job I would apply for but good luck John).

The city has posted the position. What is most amazing is that an MLS is preferred. Not required but preferred. Simply freaking amazing.

I know I would not work at a library where the director was not a librarian. That is like preferring your physician have a degree in medicine, or your CPA have a basic grasp of accounting. MLS preferred. Thank goodness I am moving out of this city when I find that $75K/annum reference librarian position in Utopia."

Library Politics

Biblia, the Warrior Librarian writes \"For those who can\'t quite get a handle on workplace politics in their library see,
The Warrior Librarian, Library Politics! \"

One Example:BUREAUCRATIC SOCIALISM: You have 2 library support staff and 30,000 books. Decentralised Administration takes everything, and puts them in a space with everyone\'s staff and resources. They are administered by ex-budget analysts. You have to take care of the paperwork the Decentralised Administration took from the budget analysts. You are given as much clerical assistance as the regulations say you should need.

Are There Turkeys in Your Library Bureaucracy?

This rather
odd website
is a \"proposal to change the county
library annual performance evaluation management policy
and appraisal of promotability rating procedures\". It includes a
detailed proposal, proposed new evaluation forms, leadership
concepts, bibliographies,
Inside a Librarian\'s Amazing Brain
, and more.
Someone sure must have been annoyed with library


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