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New Library Idea Bank

The Consortium for public library networking EARL\'s New Library Ideas Bank is our forum for discussion and information about the development of New Library content. On these pages you will find a mini-gateway of useful links to help you with the whole process of electronic content creation, an Ideas Xchange space where you can share your thoughts and some terrific examples that will inspire you
Check out The Ideabank Web Site for more.


Collection of Book and Computer Images

Here\'s a Handy Site that has hundreds of clip art images for librarians. Put together by Anthony Wilson and suggested by Bob Cox, the site has:
GIFs of Books, Computers & Documents
Animated GIFs
and a few Odds & Ends.


Open Source Encyclopedia

Someone suggested this site, a novel idea in the open-source community.

\"Suppose scholars the world over learned of a serious online encyclopedia effort in which the results were not proprietary to the encyclopedists, but were freely distributable under an open content license in virtually any desired medium. How quickly would the encyclopedia grow?\"

Check out Nupedia.com


Updated Publishers Catalogues resource

Looking for a spot to find publishers on the web?

Peter Scott writes
\"I\'m currently in the process of updating my Publishers\'
Catalogues Home Page at:


It is now database-driven, and has access to publishers via
city, state, country, and subject


The Netscape Museum

If you\'re into the short history of the web, be sure to
out the \"Netscape Museum\" HERE

  \"Origin of a Browser\" is a project dedicated to web
archaeology - the study and preservation of rapidly
disappearing artifacts associated with the Early Netscape


State and Local Freedom of Information Issues

[email protected] wrote in to recommend the FOI-L State and Local Freedom of Information Issues list:\"
Please consider news regarding FOI; state local freedom of information,open government and open meeting sunshine principles at the state local level and how public libraries could be affected.\"

Check it out


The book of the future?

Check out Futurebook.org for a look at the possible book of the future.

\"THE BOOK AS interface, the changing interface of collected thought... what is the future of
the book? With the computer revolution fast fulfilling its promise to make society rethink
communication, it is time for a good long look at this vehicle called book.\"


The Info Connect LIS directory 2000

Godfrey Oswald, webmaster at The Info Connect LIS Directory
2000 The Info Connect LIS directory 2000 wrote in.

popular web site set up in 1995 exclusively for
information scientists, librarians and other information
professionals worldwide,with over 3000 live links, moved
address a few days ago!!! http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/jabba/365/Page1.htm


The Journal of Web Librarianship

The Journal of Web Librarianship The Journal of Web Librarianship is an international, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Haworth, Inc. Information about subscriptions may be found on the Haworth web site.
The Journal of Web Librarianship publishes material related to all aspects of librarianship as practiced on the World Wide Web, including both existing and emerging roles and activities of information professionals in the Web environment. The Journal of Web Librarianship strives to find a balance between original, scholarly research, and practical communications about relevant topics in web librarianship.

Via The Distant Librarian



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