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Keeping up with the field

Steven J. Bell writes: I have recently made
public a web site that aims to help
primarily academic, \"keep up\" with the literature of
several fields
pertinent to library work and technology matters. The
basic philosophy is
that to \"keep up\" a librarian must go beyond the
constraints of library
literature. The site points users to sources such as free
e-zines and web
sites with technology (and other) news.

If you are interested the site is found at staff.philau


The Researching Librarian

Kerry Smith sent in a Link to her site The Researching Librarian. This site was created for librarians--new or experienced--who find themselves needing to perform

Intended as a supplement to the print resources available in library collections, this site gathers links to
selected web resources useful for research: freely searchable citation databases, funding information,
relevant journals, statistics and statistical methods, and useful research tools.


Google reaches 1 Billion---YAHOO!!

In its quest for world domination, Google has announced that it has indexed more than 1 billion URLs. Read about it here. Google also made the news with the announcement by Yahoo!! that it will start using Google as its default engine. You can read about that here.



A colleague pointed this site out to me today. It\'s called mousercise and it trains people how to use a mouse. Credit is due to Chris Rippel from the Central Kansas Library System.


Talk with a Search Engine

I just came across this search engine currently in beta. Basically, it asks you questions to help you find what you want, just like a reference interview (from a not-so-savvy librarian). I thought it was pretty stupid at first, but I got the hang of it after a few minutes. It worked ok after that, and its a little bit addictive. Let me know what you think.


WebBrain reworks ODP

The Internet Scout Project sent over this great site on its mailing list that reworks the data from the Open Directory Project.


StoryPlace: The Children\'s Digital Library

Helene Blowers writes \"
Looking for a fun site that allows your child to interact with stories in either English or Spanish? Then check out StoryPlace: The Children\'s Digital Library at storyplace.org

This new web site, developed by staff from the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, is available in both English and Spanish versions, offers children and adults alike the \"virtual experience\" of visiting a children\'s library. Children can see and listen to on-line stories, participate in interactive activities, print-out take-home activities and locate great books to read. The site uses the latest multimedia technology (Flash 4.0) to deliver a fun and interactive environment for pre-school readers. Currently the Pre-School Library section of the site is ready, but our library staff are working hard on developing the next phase the \"Early Elementary Library.\"


Tutorial on searching the Web

Roger Schmitz writes \"
Dear Lady/Sir,

May I draw your attention to a free online basic tutorial on searching the Web developed by Peter van Tilburg and Roger Schmitz, librarians at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The approach is slightly European and /or Dutch.

Titel: Searching the World Wide Web: a basic tutorial
URL: http://cwis.kub.nl/~dbi/english/instruct/www/indexuk.htm

Thank you,
Roger Schmitz
Tilburg University Library \"


Memorable Canadians

Marcel Larocque writes:\"Memorable Canadians www.nlc-bnc.ca/bioindex is the new Web-based biographical index available through National Library of Canada\'s Web site . You can now search a growing database of over 200 eminent Canadian personalities using any of four efficient indexes: name, subject, endeavour and electronic resource. Memorable Canadians provides quick and direct access to biographical information on important Canadians who have contributed to the Canadian cultural landscape. If you are looking for Canadian biography, start here!\"


Online Bookstore Targets Librarians

A new company focused on meeting the needs of librarians at the nation\'s colleges and universities for used, rare, out-of-print and antiquarian books, is opening up for business at 21northmain.com. The site includes the inventories of more than 2,500 used-book dealers nationwide, for a total online inventory of more than 10 million titles.

Check out 21northmain.com.



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