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School Districts No Longer Required To Have Nurses, Librarians Under Senate Bill In Iowa

School districts would no longer be required to have a school nurse and a teacher librarian under a proposal advanced in the Iowa Senate Tuesday. Sen. Amy Sinclair, R-Allerton, chair of the Education Committee, said the bill would give school boards and communities more power to make decisions that are best for local students. “Do we trust those people and their teachers to make the decisions that are appropriate to their students, or not? It’s as simple as that,” Sinclair said.
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School librarians left out of $5K pay raise proposal in TX

School librarians, who are required to teach in a classroom for two years and in many cases receive a master’s degree to qualify for the position, would be excluded from legislation offering a $5,000 pay raise to all Texas teachers. Senate Bill 3 would allocate $3.7 billion over two years to boost pay for classroom teachers but not other education employees such as bus drivers, counselors or librarians. The legislation, touted as a way to better retain teachers and recognize them for the importance of their jobs, is a priority for Senate GOP leaders, amid a renewed focus among lawmakers in both chambers and both parties on improving public education in Texas.
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To Kill A Mockingbird Pulled From Reading List

CBS NEWS reports that a school district in Missippi has pulled Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird from a junior high reading list as the discussion of race “makes people uncomfortable.”. The book remains in libraries (fortunately).

Librarian explains why she rejected books donated by Melania Trump

Via CBS News.

The Dr. Suess books were rejected by a librarian at the Cambridgeport Elementray School Library in response to President Trump's selection of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education among other factors. What's your opinion on the rejection of the gift?

UPDATE: FLOTUS office fires back a reply to the rejection of the Dr. Suess books: via FoxNews (what else?)

'To turn the gesture of sending young students some books into something divisive is unfortunate.' - FLOTUS

New Round Of Layoffs May All But Decimate San Diego School Libraries

The proposed cuts are on top of pink slips that went out in March to more than half of the aides who staff elementary school libraries. The remaining aides had their schedules reduced to as little as two hours a week. "I just can't even imagine how that's going to be cost effective, because there's just going to be so much lost — lost materials, lost time, lost educational experiences," said Elaine Sabetti, the library technician at Pershing Middle School in San Carlos. "I don't know how they can even do it."
From New Round Of Layoffs May All But Decimate San Diego School Libraries | KPBS

Will school libraries soon be gone?

However, as a result of the lack of funding from No Child Left Behind, several districts have been forced to close libraries or asked teachers to pick up those responsibilities. "This has hurt the state and schools because school libraries aren't supported in the state of Michigan," Lester said. "Currently, only 8 percent of libraries have a full-time certified librarian staffing them." The decline first started in 2003 and has steadily been on a downward slant ever since, Lester said.
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Controversial books added to VA County Schools reading list

Chesterfield County Schools decided today to leave their summer reading list the way it was, even with the books that some parents were calling inappropriate. Just last month, the school system pulled three books off of their reading list to be reviewed, but based on the recommendation from a committee, the school decided to keep the books on the list.
From Controversial books added to Chesterfield County Schools reading list | WRIC

Internet post leads to truck loads of library books

Writers from all over the world are donating books to the Greenville Junior/Senior High School Library, which is located 90 miles North East of Chico. Students have been unable to check out books there for over 10 years because budget cuts and staffing issues left the book shelves out dated. Local writer Margaret Garcia had a dream of re-opening the library, so she posted the school's situation on her blog. Once the post went viral, writers from all over the world started mailing books to the school.
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Fully Implement ESSA School Library Provisions

School librarians are on the front lines of librarianship. For many young minds they are the first contact with both librarians and libraries and provide the kinds of opportunities for imaginative exploration that libraries freely and democratically provide through their books, programs, and services. Children are allowed to explore literature and new ideas freely in school libraries while also developing a love of reading and strong skills in literacy that will help them throughout their life.

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Controversial book still in school libraries in central Florida

Channel 9 found out a controversial book that’s been pulled from the shelves of Seminole County school libraries is in two more districts.

Last week, Seminole County school leaders pulled “This One Summer” from elementary and high schools after a third-grader brought home the graphic novel.

The book has numerous curse words and talks about oral sex.

Several high schools and one middle school in Brevard County has the book in the libraries, along with several high schools in Lake County.

There are no plans to pull the book from the shelves. 

From Controversial book still in school libraries in central Florida | WFTV


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