Collection Development


Patrons bid on mystery boxes of weeded books

Submitted by rochelle on Mon, 07/12/2004 - 14:40

Here's how the Fort Vancouver Regional Library (WA) deals with weeded (excuse me, deselected) books: They box them up randomly and offer them to bidders who have no idea what they'll be getting. The library made a little over $2100 on 76 boxes of least enough to recoup the cost of advertising. There's also some explanation of why and how libraries weed (excuse me, deselect).

Intelligence Bibliography

Submitted by Dan G. on Thu, 04/29/2004 - 00:39

nbruce writes "J. Ransom Clark, the Vice President for Administration at Muskingum College in New Concord, OH, has prepared an extensive bibliography for the web titled The Literature of Intelligence:
A Bibliography of Materials, with Essays, Reviews, and Comments.
It is quite up to date, including the 9/11 hearings. Could be helpful for librarians looking for comprehensive sources."

Librarian Defends Book on Pot Growing

Submitted by rochelle on Mon, 03/22/2004 - 14:45

Betsy Bernfield, Director of the Teton County (CO) Library, is defending the availability of "The Marijuana Grower's Handbook," saying that it was selected in adherence with the library's selection policy. As reported in this story, a local resident complained about the book, demanding a explanation for its selection. The book was reviewed and retained, with Bernfield saying it was the library's job to provide information, not to control it.

A Different Way to Select Books for Your High School Library

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 02/23/2004 - 13:10

Deb Waugh writes "The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library offers many excellent resources for high school librarians. Sign up today for their Online Book Clubs. You'll receive the first few chapters of new books in your e-mail, giving you a chance to form a first-hand opinion of them."

Locus 2003 Recommended Reading List

Submitted by Dan G. on Wed, 02/04/2004 - 14:55

Locus magazine has published its 2003 Recommended Reading List of science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles. The list of hundreds of titles includes Darwin's Children by Greg Bear,
Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, and The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King . Also included are anthologies, novellas, and related non-fiction. A great resource for collection development or just leisure reading.

Building libraries abroad

Submitted by Blake on Sun, 11/09/2003 - 06:09

Here's A Dallas News Story [Reg. Required] on University of North Texas professor, Carol Simpson, who has devoted the last two summers to making sure that libraries are available to schoolchildren in Negril, Jamaica, and Chiang Rai, Thailand. She's led groups of UNT students to both towns to catalog thousands of donated books and set up libraries.

"We didn't want to come in like a fairy godmother, wave the magic wand and create a library and then go," said Dr. Simpson, assistant professor at the university's School of Library and Information Sciences. "We wanted to create something that they would be able to maintain and continue to be able to use. We wanted to use a real library as a laboratory.