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Collection Development Training for Arizona Public

GSO writes "Follow this link to the website.

This site, sponsored by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, provides practical training in how to perform collection development activities in public libraries — without having to leave your library!

Collection Development Training (CDT) provides practical training in how to perform collection development activities in public libraries. Each activity is presented as a separate section with links to helpful Internet sites, lists of books and articles for further reading, and definitions of key terms"

Literary Rummage Sale for Little Shimer College

The Chicago Trib has a story on how library director Colleen McCarroll of Shimer College, "the great books collection of the Midwest", weeded its collection of 30,000 books down to 10,000 when the campus moved to a new, smaller location.

Faifax County Library Responds Regarding Classics

Todd writes "

Classic Literature at the
Fairfax County Public Library
Edwin S. Clay, III

You may have recently read an article — or comments generated by an article — about classic literature in the Fairfax County Public Library. I would like to correct the misleading impression given in the article and by others about this issue..."

Hello, Grisham, So Long, Hemingway?

Limited shelf space has forced librarians in suburban Virginia to make choices in their collections. According to this Washington Post article, "Like Borders and Barnes & Noble, Fairfax is responding aggressively to market preferences, calculating the system's return on its investment by each foot of space on the library shelves -- and figuring out which products will generate the biggest buzz. So books that people actually want are easy to find, but many books that no one is reading are gone -- even if they are classics."

Selection for "Intelligent Design" Books Questioned

Bias by Design is an analysis of evolution books reviewed and selected by librarians.

The average number of libraries holding a Not Favorable title is nearly triple than that of libraries having a book supporting Intelligent Design. For nearly every 3 libraries holding a title pooh-poohing Intelligent Design, your patrons will find only 1 library with the temerity to rebut those who find nothing intelligent about Intelligent Design. Availability is certainly no reason for this disparity, pro Intelligent Design books have enjoyed a near 2:1 publication advantage to their counterpart since 2000.

Interesting points here regarding the role of the library.

New Cuba Book Review Service announced

Walter Skold writes "PRESS RELEASE & WEB SERVICE Librarians Launch Two New ServicesTo Recommend Cuba Books for the YoungIncludes Open Forum for Librarians, Students and Parents October 1, 2006 — Two new book review and online discussion groupshave been launched for teachers and students that will highlight the bestbooks and resources on Cuba for young people. "As a way to celebrate banned books weeks all year we are proud to lauchboth Cuba4Kids and YACUBA," said Walter Skold, the co-chair of FREADOM,the library group which is sponsoring the new project.

No Books In Foreign Languages Say Some Tennesseeans

Some people who live in Lewisburg --filming location for the 1999 movie, "The Green Mile"(TN), are upset that the local library has bought some children's books in Spanish. They also bought a couple in Japanese, Russian, Polish and French and protesters added that those books shouldn't be there either. Little bit of a story here.

Law Journals in Dumpster

shambolic57 writes "As described in the Sydney Morning Herald ,
the Library at the University of New South Wales has been caught using that great collection weeding device--the dumpster--to store bound volumes of discarded journals. Of course this raises all sorts of issues which are too briefly touched on in what is essentially a filler article. I guess the lesson is don't discard, donate to libraries in greater need than yours or build a bigger stack facility."

R-rated DVDs Will Stay in Loudon County Libraries

sarahmae writes "The Loudon (Virginia) Library Trustees voted 7-2 to continue buying R-rated DVDs for the public library. Read more about it in DVD Debate: Fiscal Prudence or Censorship?

Via Library Link of the Day"

Transplanted Hoosier worries about library's changing focus

chile sent over An Op-Ed by James Solomon Benn who writes about the policies of Indianapolis library head Linda Mielke, causing important books and collections are being sold off. Much of the library's holdings are being replaced by commercial videos and DVD's to attract more patrons. He says this is a horrible practice. "We should never play down to an audience, but rather educate and bring audiences up to a higher level of expectation. The dumbing down of America through our failing schools, the defunding of arts programming and the dismantling of our institutions is a travesty."


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