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Library and Archives Canada axes Canadian Book Exchange Centre

Library and Archives Canada has announced the <a href="">elimination of the Canadian Book Exchange Centre</a>. Opened 35 years ago, the exchange centre is a massive swap shop for public and academic libraries across Canada.

Kindles can't be lent!

According to Rochelle , who talked to Amazon customer support, libraries that are lending out Kindles (Amazon's ebook reader) to patrons are in violation of the terms of service. She makes some compelling points on questions that Amazon needs to answer, such as ways to disable people from downloading without disabling the account.

Johnston County censorship in action!

This article comes to us courtesy of ALA's Library Direct e-mail. Johnsonton County is on the hunt for books to remove from its collection after removing "How the Girls lost their accents". What scariest of all is that they aren't waiting to react, they're just looking for books that are "offensive."

Rabbi Makes Weeding Harder

mdoneil writes "Are you weeding in the 200s.? Well you better be careful about which books you pitch. Some of those books cannot be thrown away according to The God Squad.
No Bibles with the coffee grounds. No Korans in the dustbin. You have to bury them. The books would be covered and buried respectfully though not necessarily in a cemetery. They should be covered and then buried. "Dust to dust" refers to the disposal of all holy vessels."

Wholesaler Gone Bust To Auction Off Inventory

Book auction from the late AMS (Advanced Marketing Services)...if you're in the Indianapolis, IN area, you might want to check out the announcement here. Auction is in Indianapolis on Tuesday, October 9. A brochure may be downloaded from the auctioneer's website.

Library Patron Miffed About Weeded Books

Jersey City NJ resident Juan Albornoz describes himself as a "pain in the butt," and is well-known to many city officials for being, as one unnamed council aide said, a "person with an opinion on everything." (translation??) So Albornoz did not shy away from expressing his opinion to the council at their last meeting on June 27 regarding some books from the Jersey City Free Public Library he found in a hamper earlier this month on Mercer Street, outside the library's Main Branch. The books, with their cover torn off and pages gutted - including titles by James Jones, William Kennedy, Joseph Heller, John Irving, R.K. Narayan, Muriel Spark, and P.D. James.

"I let them know that major works of American literature are being destroyed," Albornoz said. "The bottom line is what kind of city is this that would allow this destruction." Library Director Priscilla Gardner wished that he would have taken his opinion directly to her as oppposed to the City Counsel, but unfortunately that's not what Albornoz chose to do. Story from the Hudson Reporter.

Board Game Reference List

Board games have evolved much since the days of Monopoly. Thanks to the Euro game boom of the 1990s, there is a rich variety of board games to explore. At Boardgame News, Giles Pritchard lists age-appropriate games for school children, as well as games that target math, literacy, and negotation skills. These could be interesting for both educators and librarians who plan after-school programs for youth.

What they want/What they need

Anonymous Patron writes "R. Crosby Kemper III is the director of the Kansas City (MO) public library sysytem, even though he has no MLS or library experience. What he does have is a cousin who chairs the library board and a very prominent family presence in the area. Kemper until 2005 was the CEO of UMB Bank (cuz is the CEO of another major bank in town). He boasts of a personal library of thousands of books his millionaire corporate friends must be very impressed with.

Now, he seems to want the public library to adopt a similar collection philosophy: "...the goal is to build a collection that is 'excellent and enduring.'

Never mind what regular taxpaying folks want to read.

Libraries ponder a collective dilemma is in Today's The Kansas City Star"

Controvery Over "The Higher Power of Lucky" is Just Nuts

Weary of all the brou-ha-ha over "The Higher Power of Lucky"? Here's how several book people feel about the issue...

John Mutter at Shelf Awareness hopes the controversy will "soon shrivel up and go away." He also reports on why one librarian, Liz Frame, from the San Antonio (TX) Christian Elementary School, declined to buy the book. Are we surprised?

Ozzy Osborne for Black History Month?!?!?!

Grumpy Librarian writes "YBP's Community College Center provides "custom lists" of books on certain topics. I've always assumed that these were somehow selected, but the "Black History" list (released this month for obvious reasons) includes the book: Black Sabbath: Doom Let Loose: An Illustrated History and Black November: The Carl D. Bradley Tragedy — a book about a commercial shipping accident.

Have we become so lazy in our collection development that vendors can search their catalogs for black AND history and call it a selection tool?"


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