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7 Deadly Sins of Video

Submitted by Blake on Sun, 07/07/2002 - 22:54

Steve Fesenmaier writes: \"Facets Video, in Chicago, has produced a very useful guide to the “7 deadly sins of video collecting.”
Here they are briefly:
1. Forgetting that public libraries are not video stores. 2. Ignoring newer foreign and indie films. 3. Marginalizing or minimizing the video collection. 4. Animation=Disney=Children 5. Neglecting classic, indie, and foreign titles become of expense 6. Treating AFI list of 100 “greatest” as the gospel 7. Defining “indie” as “indiewood”.

Only Librarian in World Included in Facets Survey

Submitted by Blake on Wed, 06/05/2002 - 16:22

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"
Facets Multimedia, arguably the world\'s highest quality distributor of videos and DVDs, has published its second Movie Movers Video Guide. This year they asked eighty people around the world - \"filmmakers, cinematographers, writers, artists and movie buffs\" to send them their list of their \"ten most influential films\". I was one of those people - here is the list I gave them...

Library Rejects KKK Tape Citing Lack of Educational Content

Submitted by Ieleen on Thu, 01/17/2002 - 10:47

A promotional videotape for the Ku Klux Klan won\'t be added to a North Carolina public library\'s collection because, officials say, it was \"poorly produced and lacks educational content.\" The likelihood that this tape would have even lasted long is slim. Someone would have undoubtedly stolen it, just because of where it came from. More
Ryan posted an earlier story Here.

Man, 97, bequeaths gay porn collection

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 12/18/2001 - 11:02

A 97-year-old man is giving a vast collection of gay porn films, videos and magazines to his local town library.

The man, who lives in Rovereto in the north of Italy, began collecting gay erotica in the 1930s. According to the Italian publication Supereva, the pensioner says the collection includes \"all the masterpieces of the best gay porn directors.\"
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Ask Slashdot: Computer Books For A Library?

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 07/30/2001 - 22:43

Who would\'ve ever though Slashdot would be a good Collection Development source?
Not me, but it turns out we were all wrong.

This Ask Slashdot story is from a fellow looking for recommendations on what computer books to buy for a library. As always the slashdot masses came through in spectacular fashion with many good ideas.
So if you are in need of some ideas for the library at home or work, check it out.

\"We\'re getting killed by price increases\"

Submitted by Ryan on Mon, 06/25/2001 - 11:36

The Minnesota Daily
reports on the impact of journal subscription price increases on the University of Minnesota\'s libraries:

\"We\'re getting killed by price increases\" across all scientific and engineering fields, said University of Minnesota librarian Tom Shaughnessy. The gap between technical journal price increases of 10 percent each year and inflationary budget increases of only 3 percent leads to cutbacks in the number of journals, he said. Since 1995-96, University libraries have cut nearly 450 technical journals -- nearly one in five -- to keep up.

Random Numbers

Submitted by Ryan on Tue, 06/12/2001 - 12:45

Conducting a collection survey? Today\'s New York Times profiles several free online purveyors of random numbers that can assist you in getting a valid sample...

Pay a visit to the home page of [a] purveyor of unpredictability, called Hotbits, and you will hear what sounds like the erratic clicking of a Geiger counter. It is the sound of neutrons in a radioactive substance spewing out electrons and gamma rays as they decay. This decay is random, as guaranteed by laws of quantum mechanics, so by training a Geiger counter on a sample of krypton 85 and feeding the signal to a computer, Hotbits generates a constant stream of random digits. Just fill out an electronic form, saying how many bits you want and they will be dispatched immediately over the Internet. . .