More Than 800 Residents Seek Removal of Library Board Members

This one comes from Lake City, MI. It\'s a couple of months old, but I\'ve never heard of anything like this happening. [more...] from Cadillac News.


Hacker Invades Library

Jason Kristufek writes...

\"A computer hacker got into the Burlington Library\'s Internet Web site and put \"drug-related and nasty words\" on the site\'s main page, Library Director Kay Weiss said. Weiss does not know the exact time the main page displayed the disparaging and drug-related words, and no one other than library employees has said that they saw it. \"It was just a coincidence that about three weeks ago someone developed a program that sniffs out weaknesses in Web sites and then relays them to hackers,\" Weiss told the Library Board.\" [more...] from The Hawkeye.


Porn Again

By now everyone has heard of the Minneapolis 12, who filed a sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC over exposure to Internet porn on the job. According to constitution attorney Robert Peck, \"Because libraries exist to provide citizens with access to information, pornographic material \"that is within the protection of the First Amendment cannot be banned.\" [more...] from The Freedom Forum.


Have You Insured Your Library for Toxic Mold?

Ever hear of a library being forced to close because of toxic mold? Libraries aren\'t at the forefront of this article, but it mentions public facilities, including libraries being forced to close because of toxic mild infestations. Yuck. [more...] from The Houston Chronicle.
**Related article by Robin Wilson -
Mold and Fear Seep Into a Department.
(Thanks Ryan).


Web Access Poses Dilemma to Librarians

A convicted child molester allegedly downloaded child pornography from an Internet-connected computer in a public library not equipped with filtering software designed to prevent access to pornographic Web sites. The library director said she doesn\'t regret not having filtered the computers. [more...] from The Providence Journal.


Book Shipments Confiscated

Robert Kent sends this one via e-mail:
\"Two shipments of books sent to independent libraries in Cuba have been confiscated in recent days, according to a report by Alida Viso Bello in the June 20 issue of CubaNet ( As reported by Havana librarian
Ricardo Gonzalez, a package of books sent to the Jorge Manach Library from Italy was recently intercepted by Cuban customs agents, who confiscated some of the books after declaring them to be \"counterrevolutionary\" and \"against
the interests of the nation.\" Mr. Gonzalez denounced this act as a violation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which grants everyone the right to \"seek, receive and impart information and ideas
through any media and regardless of frontiers.\"


Boys Life Turns 90

Every library I\'ve ever visited carries this. I always like reading about how these things get started and how they evolve with the times. It has an interesting little history...for a boy... I never realized the publication was that old. Live long and prosper. read more here. from The Northwestern.


Feline Finds Sanctuary Among the Stacks

What a cool story. I love these. This cat\'s got it made. Someone at a library in Michigan rescued a cat from some obnoxious kids and a plastic bag. He\'s been adopted by the library. They\'ve named him in Carnegie. Folks have really taken to the furry, four-legged feline. They\'ve received donations and a lifetime supply of kitty chow. Read more from The Jackson Citizen Patriot.


Not your average library display

A troupe of Australian performance artists have made their name by spending weeks living in full public view in department store windows in London, Montreal and Chicago. This is reality television but in real life. Next, they\'re moving to a public library in Ireland. Much more from Yahoo News.


Another Gay Display Stirs Library Debate

Jill Varney sends the link to [this one] my way...It seems another gay display in the library, this time in Salt Lake City, is causing quite a stir.
[more...] from The Salt Lake Tribune.



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